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10 reasons to breathe higher oxygen levels

We see breathing as a matter of course, but it is essential for our existence. Oxygen is so common that most people don't realize they may have been short of it for a long time. Our body is made up of cells. Heart and blood vessels, lungs and bronchi serve the needs of our cells.

The end goal of our entire respiratory system is to provide the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide necessary for the life of each individual cell. 


Oxygen (O2), a gas that is part of the air we breathe, is necessary for life. Some people with respiratory problems do not get enough oxygen. They need supplemental oxygen, or oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy often gives people more energy, they sleep better and their quality of life increases.


The UK Lung Foundation states: "Breathing air with a higher oxygen content can correct a low oxygen level in the blood. If you are breathless and feel tired, especially when you exercise, your blood oxygen level may be low. _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Breathing is the most underrated tool for better health, more energy and an improved mental state.


 is a tasteless, odorless and flammable gas that has been linked in most studies and ongoing studies to many benefits, such as fighting cancer and others by reducing oxidative stress. This was previously not the case with these diseases, but this antioxidant is now being made famous for its ability to cure many of these problematic diseases.

Hydrogen's superiority and uniqueness stems from its ability to activate the life support pathway (Nrf2) and increase internal levels of glutathione and other antioxidants when they are lower than they are or should be normal. Molecular hydrogen prevents the formation of free radicals by improving cellular communication and providing cell-modulating properties to the body. This process of molecular hydrogen is compared to a cleaning operation in a factory where most waste products are disposed of.

These waste products represent the free radicals being eradicated, while the factory represents the mitochondria that previously malfunctioned and needed a rescue. There are several ways to ingest molecular hydrogen, ranging from drinking hydrogen infused water to H2 inhalation, H2 baths, and H2 saline in the eyes. All we've done so far is try to be skeptical with information, but as the information that is the headline of this article, we want to look at the 10 reasons why we should be using molecular hydrogen, let's go.

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