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Oxygen Concentrator Repair and Service

Our Angelbiss machines come with a standard 1 year European warranty, send the concentrator and you will receive your concentrator back in good condition as soon as possible.


 Give us a call and we'll work it out. Big or small, there is a solution for everything and otherwise ​​our rental machines are ready.


New: our service department has moved to Almere:

In the event of a defect outside the warranty, please contact Mike from Fermeditech.

This company repairs all well-known oxygen concentrator brands and of course also our AngelBiss

With regular and preventive maintenance you will of course enjoy your oxygen machine for longer.

You can also conclude a service contract with Fermeditech for a reasonable rate (custom maintenance for private individuals as well as for gyms, therapists and medical centers).

Split bucket road 54G/ 57

1333MS, Almere


Tel: 0619090905 

Does your oxygen device require preventive maintenance and do you want to have this checked immediately?
Inquire today about our service maintenance and services.
We will then contact you directly.
Fermeditech likes to think along with you for an integrated (customized) solution.




ATTENTION: Moisture and Heat are the largest cost item for your oxygen concentrator, keep the machine dry and do not build them in (heat) the manufacturer does not give a guarantee.


TIP: If you are not going to use the concentrator for a ​​pack it airtight (don't let moisture or moist air inside)._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

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