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In modern physio-practice, fitness clubs and sports centers and in people's homes you come across oxygen more and more. 

After all, nothing can burn without oxygen! That also applies to your body. Energy is needed for the release of energy in your body. The higher the effort, the more oxygen is required. And the more oxygen available, the better you can perform.


In various training centers  it is possible to train with the addition of air containing extra oxygen.

You are connected via a tube to an oxygen concentrator  which simply removes the healthy air from the environment.

The air is purified and concentrated in the device. This oxygen is inhaled 21% to 23% through nasal glasses during exercise.


As soon as the oxygen is absorbed into the blood, your body will function more efficiently during exercise.

The benefits for (top) athletes are increasing the recovery capacity of the body and additional condition improvement.


The benefits for people with reduced load capacity, such as those with chronic fatigue, people with respiratory problems or overweight, mainly stem from the fact that training with oxygen can be sustained for longer, which increases the training effect. Their condition will improve faster with the help of extra oxygen.

People who want to lose weight notice with EWOT that the extra oxygen significantly increases the combustion of subcutaneous fats. An additional advantage is that you do not get tired during the training and therefore last longer. In addition, you feel more comfortable during and after training because you can recover faster. 


Training with nose glasses  is an additional support for cardio fitness training. People with a specific training goal benefit greatly from this new training method.


Training with oxygen is a good alternative for people who cannot afford an EWOT oxygen bag. By means of the nasal goggles, oxygen can provide good support.

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Medische AngelBiss zuurstofconcentrator

Zuurstoftherapie met de medische Angelbiss zuurstofconcentrator

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