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Biocheck ambassadeur EWOT zuurstoftherapie
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EWOT zuurstof training
Vraag het Stans van der Poel als je een vraag hebt over zuurstoftraining of multistep therapie EWOT
Biocheck ambassadeur EWOT zuurstoftherapie

Ask Stans van der Poel

Stans van der Poel shares her knowledge at the refresher training day of the Dutch Association for lung function analysts.


Do you have a question about oxygen training, multistep therapy or about the human body with what oxygen can do for you. Just ask Stans:


Stans van der Poel (1955)

Stans van der Poel is the inventor and developer of various equipment that visualizes breathing and heartbeat. As a lung function lab technician, she recognized dysregulated breathing and made the connection between various complaints and the dysregulated breathing. Because there was no suitable equipment to measure breathing properly and also to have insight into the heart rate, she decided to develop this herself.


In the meantime, four products from her hand have appeared; Co2ntrol, ATDS, EC coach, EC team system and various Apps. Her knowledge as a sports teacher and educationalist came in handy.


People she worked closely with to perfect her products; Prof. dr. Dr. Hans Keizer, Tjark van Dijk and Pulmonologist Ab Peters. After successfully deploying the equipment in the Gooi Noord hospital, she spread her wings. Her knowledge and the equipment deserved a larger audience than one hospital.


That's why she started teaching her Energy Control Method. The Energy Control Method focuses on improving the condition of everyone who could benefit from it.


  • Chronic Fatigue such as Burnout, ME and Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Overweight, Diabetes 2, COPD, Oncofit and guiding people to a good sports performance such as the marathon are her   areas of attention.


It is her mission to transfer her knowledge in an enthusiastic, stimulating way to practitioners who will use this method with their patients and (top) athletes.

She herself has completed an entire triathlon several times (even after her 50th birthday) with training schedules that she wrote herself. Salient detail; she is missing a cruciate ligament. In addition, Stans van der Poel likes fern, dogs, strong coffee and Hertog Jan. 


She wrote 2 books on these topics: “Never again chronic fatigue” and “Me, runner”.







Stans is very enthusiastic about EWOT multistep oxygen therapy and also applies it in her teaching program, she also likes to share her expertise with interested parties who have additional medical and sports-related health problems.

Chronische vermoeidheid nooit meer , Stans van der Poel
De hardlooprevolutie van Stans van der Poel

At Skating Team Reggeborgh you often see the skaters in the picture. But the people behind the scenes -  Stans van der Poel, exercise and data analyst is one of these people - are at least as important.

Because of the work they do, the skaters can fully focus on even better lap times.

Stans: "This is the third season that I work for the team and we have built up a nice set of data. This way we can follow the skaters well and see how their condition is developing".

What data do you collect?

"Every morning the skaters take a first measurement at home, a so-called rest measurement. They have to breathe at a calm level for six minutes. That data is sent to me and I do an analysis to see what the heart rate is like. The way we use the data Analyzing and taking the measurements is quite simple. We measure the heart rate and heart rate varieties. In addition, we of course have exercise tests and we also measure at the ice rink. Due to all the corona measures, I am not often with the skaters now. We mainly measure remotely and all data is put in a system. I watch and discuss things that stand out with the team" 


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Why BioCheck ?

"As an organization, we notice that there is a great need to get a grip on fatigue complaints. It is important that you first provide insight into the fatigue (complaints) both subjectively and objectively. By combining this we get a good picture of your fatigue complaints and through measurements we can see whether your body is active at rest And through conversations and questionnaires we look at how you feel. Based on the measurements you follow a training protocol that brings your body back into balance so that you can recover at rest. This protocol automatically adapts to your daily load capacity. Handy! This gives you more energy and makes you more resilient."

Erasmus MC Rotterdam
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