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Take advantage of one of the most powerful natural medicines:  Oxygen

Ziekte van Crohn

Anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy 
For more control over your IBD

Crohn's disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the gut. Crohn's disease, like ulcerative colitis, is also called an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). In most patients with Crohn's disease, the small intestine, colon, and/or rectum are inflamed, but there may also be inflammation in the rest of the digestive tract or other organs

With the EWOT method, anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy is now available to everyone.
It is a safe and natural way to get large amounts of oxygen into the bloodstream, allowing more oxygen to dissolve in the blood plasma and get it where it is needed most, in damaged and inflamed tissues
Zuurstoftherapie remt ontstekingen, ziekte van Crohn

The cause of Crohn's disease is not yet fully known. Several factors play a role  in the development of the disease. In any case, there is a strong reaction of the immune system. That is why Crohn's disease is also called an autoimmune disease.

Conventional Treatment

Suppressing inflammation with medication has been the goal to date in the treatment of Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Despite this fact, many of these conventional drugs are not without side effects. At Corpusair we regularly hear stories from patients who not only suffer from the side effects of medicines, but also suffer from extreme fatigue, even when their intestinal inflammation is calm. For more and more people with these conditions, these are important reasons to start anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy.


Natural Treatment of Crohn's Disease

Natural measures against Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, L-glutamine, zinc and probiotics improve intestinal wall function and reduce inflammation. An adapted diet helps to support the intestines and can provide a lot of help. Yet for many it is an exhausting struggle to get enough nutrients and to discover which foods can or cannot be tolerated (anymore).


Oxygen is our greatest energy source,

yet we rarely hear about it 

When we are sick, the pH level in our body usually drops and our oxygen level becomes 15 to 20% lower than normal.  The current focus on the importance of the correct pH and with it most studies and discussions focus solely on regulating the intake of various foods or water as the means of adjusting the body's overall Ph level.   Oxygen, however, is the single most important nutrient that the body constantly uses to regulate its own pH as needed in each essential area, and it is still too often ignored.


Take advantage of what nature gives us

With the mass of information on anti-inflammatory supplements and nutritional guidelines now available, it's only natural that you should adopt an anti-inflammatory way of life supplemented with anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy. This can be the road to recovery for IBD patients, especially if they are seeking lasting recovery.


Oxygen, alkalinity and your health

Multi-therapeutic approach!

In the body, no  healing can take place without sufficient oxygen in the affected tissues. If we take in a lot of oxygen, the body can also absorb the vitamins and nutrients much more efficiently. An overabundance of oxygen triggers a recovery process that would not normally occur because there is no cellular energy for it.   With the oxygen we literally bring life energy inside and at the same time we do major cleaning. In the relentless battle against inflammation, fatigue and the aging process, there is now a safe and simple therapy available that puts us at an advantage.

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LIchaamsbeweging met zuurstoftherapie helpt bij vermoeidheid ziekte van crohn en colitis ulcerosa

What Causes Fatigue in IBD?

Fatigue in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis can be medically explained by:
• An active inflammation that causes the body to absorb less     nutrients
• Blood loss resulting in iron deficiency
• Having to go to the toilet often at night
• Joint complaints
• Certain medications
• Another disease
• A virus infection
• Poor nutrition
• Weight Loss
• Bad night's sleep
Treatment of these causes will reduce fatigue. Oxygen therapy is a relieving method  that supports the body's performance and self-healing ability. 

Oxygen therapy is the ideal team player for all known treatments of IBD

Energize IBD? Prioritize more oxygen

The performance and usefulness of every single cell in our body,  the muscles, joints, organs, glands and immune system, all depend on an optimal oxygen level. Without enough oxygen it is difficult to achieve even a healing effect.


There are approximately 90,000 patients diagnosed with IBD in the Netherlands. Severe fatigue symptoms occur in 40% of patients with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. This has a major impact on their quality of life. Being tired every day, having to cancel work or appointments and not knowing what to do about it is very frustrating. Getting to grips with the disease is a daily struggle for many IBD patients, perhaps you too.


Start oxygen therapy today and look for tailor-made nutritional advice, as well as certain supplements and conventional medicines, which in combination with a lot of oxygen can in many cases form a successful treatment for Crohn's disease and the Ulcerative Colitis form.

Zuurstoftherapie voor meer energie bij IBD - ziekte van Crohn of  colltis uullcerosa

Oxygen therapy increases the effectiveness of conventional and natural treatments

Boosting a patient's oxygen status significantly increases the effectiveness of other treatments, whether pharmaceutical or natural.

The Maag Lever Bowel Foundation starts a study into the

influence of exercise on fatigue

( ENERGIZE IBD project)

It is hoped that this study will finally find a way to improve the fatigue and quality of life of IBD patients, because there is evidence that exercise in the right way can work well.  what this training does to inflammation values and fitness of the heart and lungs as well as to work productivity and health costs. 


A great initiative, but why wait for a study if you can already do it today

can you start exercising with oxygen ?


All the more so since all logic and medical science already point to the validity of such an approach.

After all, it is known that there is a direct relationship between exercise and the uptake of oxygen in the tissues and a direct relationship between this better use of oxygen and our energy level. In addition, there is already (for about 20 years) an extremely suitable therapy for this purpose,  namely exercise with oxygen. One of the surprising results of EWOT is that almost anyone who is able to exercise can benefit physically - regardless of whether someone is young or old, sick or in good health.

With EWOT, the body is able to create an ​​oxygen-rich environment. In fact, it is better able to fight disease. For patients with IBD, the supply of oxygen can help speed recovery and minimize the toxic effects of conventional treatments. EWOT literally helps the body function at its best. Another EWOT benefit is an increase in energy levels, which often becomes a challenge for people with intestinal inflammation. Regular oxygen sessions can help patients improve stamina and kick-start the immune system.


Another important goal of EWOT is to prevent muscle loss, also known as sarcopenia.

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy EWOT(Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) 

was invented by Professor Manfred von Ardenne (1907-1997) a German scientist and physicist.

He has demonstrated the following with anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy EWOT:

  • Reduces systemic inflammation;

  • Supports the body in oncological problems;

  • Boosts the immune system ;

  • Increases energy;

  • Has an anti-aging effect on the body by improving cell metabolism;

  • Deacidifies the body and improves alkalinity;

  • Supports weight loss and helps the body burn fat

  • Increases circulation;

  • Improves athletic performance

Need oxygen? We are happy to help you

Science Oxygen Therapy and IBD /PubMed

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