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as inflammation
hurt your bones

Een netwerk van transcorticale haarvaten als steunpilaar voor de bloedcirculatie in lange botten
ontstekingsremmende zuurstoftherapie verbetert doorbloedingg en vermindert  pijn

 All tissues in your body can  become inflamed. So are your bones. This  condition is called  osteomyelitis  and can affect both children and adults. In addition to the acute, there is also a chronic form of bone inflammation. 


sometimes along with arthritis

Osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone, bone marrow and periosteum caused by bacteria. In the event of an infection elsewhere in the body, these bacteria can be carried through the blood and enter the bone. They can also contaminate the bone directly from an open wound or during surgery. Sometimes osteomyelitis is accompanied by an infection of the joint (arthritis).


Osteomyelitis can occur acutely, but can also be long-lasting (chronic osteomyelitis). Young children and the elderly are at an increased risk of developing osteomyelitis. There is also a greater risk with a reduced resistance.


  • By bacteria that reach the bone via the bloodstream. There is then an infection elsewhere in the body that spreads through the bloodstream.

  • By bacteria reaching the bone through an open wound. For example, with an open fracture, after surgery on the bones, with an open wound, with pressure sores or with a diabetic foot.

Complaints and symptoms

Chronic Diseases and Osteomyelitis

A number of chronic conditions can increase the risk of osteomyelitis. For example, if you are taking drugs to suppress the resistance, such as with  rheumatoid arthritis . Most cases of osteomyelitis occur in patients with diabetes mellitus. Furthermore, people with HIV, AIDS, sickle cell disease and chronic  nerve pain  faster can develop osteomyelitis. In addition, poor blood circulation, injecting drugs and alcoholism can increase the risk of osteomyelitis.

The most common symptom of osteomyelitis is pain in the inflamed bone. The pain increases when moving or straining. The pain also increases when touching the inflamed area. Other complaints include fever, redness, swelling, and warmth in the area overlying the affected bone.

Diagnosis and investigation

The diagnosis of osteomyelitis is suspected based on the symptoms, physical examination and medical history. There are signs of inflammation in the blood. A culture of the blood can show bacteria.


The inflammation can be seen on an X-ray, if it lasts longer. Sometimes a CT scan, bone scan or MRI scan is additionally required. A tissue sample can also be taken from the bone, in which bacteria can be seen.

Oxygen Therapy & Bone Inflammation

How is osteomyelitis treated?

Acute osteomyelitis can generally be treated well with antibiotics. This is given through an IV. In most cases, the patient will need to rest for several weeks. 


Bone is very hard. It is precisely because of this property that an infection in this tissue is difficult to treat. Bone cannot swell, while an infection is accompanied by swelling. The result is that the surrounding blood vessels are closed and the blood supply stagnates. This causes an oxygen deficiency.

Een netwerk van transcorticale haarvaten als steunpilaar voor de bloedcirculatie in lange botten

A network of trans-cortical capillaries (from the bone marrow to the periosteum) as a mainstay for blood circulation in long bones

In addition to treatment with antibiotics or surgery, oxygen therapy is a valuable addition that contributes to the healing of the bone inflammation.

The amount of oxygen in the poorly perfused bone marrow increases again. As a result, immune cells are extra stimulated to clean up the bacteria and other waste products and bone cells are produced again.

don't wait 
on complaints

Oxygen is strong against 

Can this condition be prevented?

Preventing inflammation and infection starts with a healthy lifestyle. Your body fights infections best with proper rest, nutrition and hygiene and preventive oxygen therapy.


In addition, bacteria that feel comfortable in an environment with little oxygen become unbalanced when the oxygen level is increased, causing them to die and resolve infections.  The effect of antibiotics is also greatly enhanced by oxygen therapy.

Our modern life with processed food, inactivity, chronic stress, sleep deprivation but also normal aging cause many health problems at an increasingly younger age.


If organs, bones and tissues do not have blood through to the smallest vessels and are supplied with sufficient oxygen, important nutrients cannot be supplied sufficiently and waste products are removed less well. This reduces your quality of life: you get tired and irritable faster, you regenerate worse, you sleep worse.  However, you also have an increased risk of various (inflammatory) complaints and disorders, such as:

  • concentration problems

  • gloom

  • skin complaints (e.g. eczema)

  • headache

  • nerve damage, neuropathy

  • inflammation

  • heart and vascular disease

  • type 2 diabetes

  • chronic renal failure

  • high bloodpressure

  • slow wound healing

  • joint complaints

  • vascular problems

  • eye problems

  • lung complaints

Zuurstoftherapie remt ontstekingen in haarvaten

Oxygen therapy inhibits inflammation in capillaries


Physical and mental performance, growth and healing processes, as well as a large number of diseases are directly related to oxygenation and blood flow.



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