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Häufig gestellte Fragen zur entzündungshemmenden Sauerstofftherapie 
Übung mit Sauerstofftherapie


Corpusair zuurstoftraining EWOT
Versterk je immuunsysteem met zuurstofth
  • Can oxygen therapy cure EWOT diseases
    Oxygen therapy EWOT is not a disease specific therapy. Because of the effects on blood flow, oxygenation, and the resulting improvement in delivery and removal from the body's cells, these cells can again produce and deliver greater amounts of energy. So that they can resume their task (production) with renewed vigor. This means that the body helps itself and can promote healing.
  • Why can EWOT be used in case of illness
    Oxygen therapy improves blood flow and oxygen transfer to cells. Through hyperoxygenation, oxygen is also dissolved in the blood serum and more oxygen can penetrate to areas of oxygen deprivation. It has essentially beneficial effects on the alleviation of ailments. Without enough oxygen it is very difficult to even achieve a healing effect EWOT oxygen therapy is a relieving method that supports the body's performance and self-healing capacity. At the same time, it forms the basis on which both conventional medical treatments and natural therapies can be more effective. EWOT is the ideal team player for all known treatments.
  • When is EWOT   not allowed or in consultation with the doctor?
    There are no contraindications for EWOT. As with any potent therapy, interactions can occur under certain circumstances. For example in hypercapnia patients who have a very high concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood. These are often people with COPD, they are dependent on their 'hypoxic drive'. These people should be more careful with the oxygen therapy, build up more slowly and consult with their treating doctor beforehand. In the case of serious conditions requiring continued medical treatment and medication, the relieving effect of oxygen therapy should be discussed with the treating physician.
  • Can a disease worsen despite the application of oxygen therapy
    The anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy supports the self-regulation and self-healing of the body. This is only possible if all other substances that the human body needs are sufficiently present (nutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.). in the calves). Such deficiencies cannot of course be remedied by EWOT. If the organism is burdened with toxins (acids, heavy metals) this can result in excretion reactions. Therefore, excretion of such substances should always be supported by drinking sufficient carbonated water. This is not a reason to discontinue the therapy, but is evidence of a positive effect. In the event of a serious condition, you should consult a healthcare professional who is familiar with the relieving effect of oxygen therapy.
  • Is EWOT also useful if my blood is already saturated with oxygen
    Even if the blood is saturated with oxygen, there can be a shortage of oxygen in tissues and organs. Everyone's oxygen pressure drops with age or illness. The problem is also not insufficient oxygen in the blood but insufficient oxygen in the cells. The body is less able to transfer oxygen to the cells as we age. This transfer of oxygen to the cells is perhaps the most important factor underlying whether we are healthy or not. The more damaged the transmission mechanism becomes, the greater the chance that we will get sick. The anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy is a breakthrough, both preventive and curative because the pressure in the veins is brought back to a youthful level. And equally important, the effect is long-lasting.
  • Why is oxygen therapy increasingly recommended by doctors
    Because it targets one of the main causes of disease (hypoxia and lack of energy) and shows treatment-related effects (improved quality of life, performance) Because it supports many inherent self-regulatory mechanisms (i.e. broad spectrum). Because no dangerous side effects have been observed during long-term use Because it can be used to enhance performance for faster regeneration for physical and/or mental stress, relief of ailments or for faster wound and bone healing. Because it can be easily combined with other treatment methods. It can enhance the effects of drugs Because it can often be effective when conventional treatments no longer work. Because its effectiveness has been scientifically proven. Because the mechanisms of action are practically and theoretically substantiated and have been proven to be of practical application after many years. It is equally suitable for independent use by the medical professional as it is for the end user at home. Anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy is a therapy that directly affects limited oxygen transfer and inflammation without being limited by these conditions.
  • Does oxygen stimulate tumor growth
    A tumor is a degenerated cell whose metabolism is different than in normal cells. There is overwhelming evidence that oxygen helps fight cancer. The anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy is simple. What matters is to inhale a lot of oxygen while doing physical exercises. Within fifteen minutes the cells open and take in extra oxygen so that they can detoxify. With EWOT, the body can safely be flooded with so much oxygen that everything that doesn't belong there is destroyed. Disease-causing viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites - including the HIV and cancer virus, cancer cells, arthritis microbes, colds and the flu are almost all anaerobic - and hate oxygen. When used properly and in a timely manner, oxygen can be life-saving.
  • Why oxygen during exercise and why EWOT
    While there are several ways to practice EWOT, the core of Dr. Von Ardenne's therapy is breathing pure oxygen while doing exercise. This allows extra oxygen to be taken up by the red blood cells, blood plasma and tissue fluids. EWOT shows how easy it is to control the dose of oxygen, which is not possible with many other drugs and therefore clinically relevant signs of oxygen toxicity do not occur. The body knows exactly how much oxygen it needs during physical exertion, so dosage is in fact not an issue. A good concentrator can deliver about 90% oxygen at 10 liters per minute. This is the bare minimum for oxygen therapy exercise. Patients in Europe have used this flow rate for twenty years, usually with great success. With the old system in which people inhaled directly from a concentrator, you inhaled an oxygen content of up to approximately 26% of the inhaled air. However, if you do exercise you are breathing more than 8 to 10 liters of gas per minute (l/min). The new system (Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy) has no limit, the reservoir provides all the oxygen a person can inhale, meaning you can take in as much oxygen as the body needs. You are not limited to what the oxygen concentrator is capable of delivering. Breathing in a lot of oxygen is completely safe with this method, because enormous amounts of carbon dioxide are generated during physical exertion. The oxygen you get should be 90-95% pure. The greater the quantities of one gas, the greater is that of the other. Any activity increases the body's need for oxygen. That is why exercise is done with supplemental oxygen and the anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy achieves so many amazing results. Typically, the stepwise oxygen therapy consisted of an 18-day, 36-hour program. Due to the EWOT multistep system, the duration has been reduced to just 15 minutes per day, with the 36-hour effect already occurring after the first 15-minute session.
  • Hoe weet ik of het voor mij veilig is om EWOT te starten?
    De hogere O2-niveaus zijn niet het probleem. Voor velen is het de plotselinge verandering in het krijgen van lichaamsbeweging. Als u lange tijd niet heeft geoefend, begin dan geleidelijk, maar raadpleeg uw arts. Als u zich geen zorgen maakt over uw gezondheid, wordt het inademen van hogere niveaus van O2 als veilig beschouwd. Raadpleeg uw arts voordat u gaat sporten en/of EWOT gaat doen.
  • Creëert het inademen van extra zuurstof vrije radicalen?
    Nee. Vrije radicalen zijn zeer reactieve zuurstof-, stikstof- en zuurstof/waterstofatomen die cel beschadiging veroorzaken door hun effect op vetten en eiwitten. Vrije radicalen zitten niet in het voedsel dat we eten, het water dat we drinken of de lucht die we inademen. Triggers voor vrije radicalen zijn infectie, trauma, stress, gifstoffen, allergieën en de zon. De reactie van vrije radicalen die we oxidatieve stress noemen, is het resultaat van cellulair metabolisme. Overmatige lichaamsbeweging verhoogt oxidatieve stress. Concreet wordt oxidatieve stress verhoogd wanneer de spiercel zijn zuurstoftoevoer overschrijdt en gedwongen wordt om energie te produceren door middel van anaerobe glycolyse. Daarom verhoogt intensieve training tot het punt van anaerobe glycolyse de verspreiding van vrije radicalen. Oefening met zuurstoftherapie vermindert de verspreiding van vrije radicalen, de zuurstofflow verbetert de inspanningstolerantie zonder extra oxidatieve stress te veroorzaken. voor elke watt vermogen die door het menselijk lichaam wordt geproduceerd.
  • What is EWOT
    EWOT or Exercise with Oxygen Therapy, is exercise with oxygen therapy and means that you inhale higher oxygen levels during exercise. You can use a stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical trainer, stepboard, rower and the like. During the EWOT, a higher oxygen level is inhaled to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma and tissue fluids.
  • What is the origin of EWOT
    EWOT or Exercise with Oxygen Therapy was invented by Professor Manfred von Ardenne (1907-1997) a German researcher, applied physicist and inventor. The actual use of oxygen during exercise dates back to the late 1960s when Professor Von Ardenne developed the "Oxygen Multistep Therapy". It is based on the recognition that many diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, circulatory disorders, cognitive function disorders and even some mental illnesses, can be associated with oxygen deprivation. Which means that oxygen therapy, with more oxygen in the body, helps treat diseases and improve health. During the EWOT, a higher oxygen level is inhaled to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma.
  • What are the indications / areas of application of EWOT
    Von Ardenne demonstrated the following with EWOT: Reduces systemic inflammation; Supports the body in oncological problems; Increases the immune system; Increases energy; Supports weight loss and helps the body burn fat; Has an anti-aging effect on the body by improving cell metabolism Deacidifies the body and improves alkalinity; Increases circulation; Improves athletic performance.
  • What does EWOT do in your body
    Increasing the amount (%) of oxygen in our lungs increases PAO2 (the pressure of oxygen in the alveoli of the lungs) forcing more oxygen to pass into the blood. Oxygen that can no longer be absorbed into the red blood cells penetrates into the blood serum. It is this blood serum oxygen that provides much of the benefits of EWOT. Exercise increases the arterial pressure of oxygen, PAO2, through the actions of increased breathing, increased heart rate and the increased blood circulation as a result. (In Von Ardenne's study, incapacitated patients had their heart rate and respiratory rate artificially increased to increase PAO2). This increase in PAO2 significantly improves the rate of cellular oxygen uptake. It is known that exercise is good for health. In the days when people were still doing physical work, there were generally much fewer degenerative health problems. As we move less, the problems increase. There is a direct relationship between exercise and the absorption of oxygen in the tissues and a direct relationship between this better use of oxygen and our health. By adding higher PAO2 (alveolar O2 pressure), more 02 becomes available through the serum to the tissues, and this is what von Ardenne's research is all about.
  • What is the impact of EWOT on microcirculation/capillaries
    The impact of the increased blood oxygenation is re-dilation of the capillaries which are constricted by oxygen deprivation caused by stress, toxins, disease, old age and other causes. When EWOT is performed correctly, a lot of improvement can be achieved with just 15 minutes of practice, a few times a week.
  • Who is EWOT suitable for
    One of the surprising results of exercise with oxygen is that almost anyone who is able to exercise can benefit physically - regardless of whether someone is young or old, sick or in good health. EWOT helps people with health problems on their way to recovery by oxygenating the body at the cellular level, making their bodies perform more efficiently. For middle-aged and above, EWOT provides the anti-aging benefits first described by Von Ardenne. Poor cellular oxygenation leads to cellular aging. Von Ardenne only needed one session to discover that the use of EWOT reversed age-related swelling in the capillaries leading to decreased circulation and cellular oxygenation. Reversing this aging process improves both metabolism and energy use. For athletes and health-conscious people, EWOT can be an opportunity to improve athletic skills, gain a competitive edge and take performance to another level. Some examples where EWOT has proven to be effective: - chronic fatigue - extreme fatigue - chronic muscle pain - fibromyalgia - polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR)
  • What are the benefits of EWOT
    Dr.von Ardenne discovered that with EWOT the impaired microcirculation of blood of the endothelium and capillaries is restored. Increased oxygen in the blood and improved oxygen utilization of the tissues re-dilates the capillaries and resolves inflammation. The increased oxygenation of the cells also increases cellular ATP (cellular energy). This increase in the body's energy level boosts the immune system, promotes health and accelerates healing.
  • Why EWOT
    Under normal circumstances, we breathe air with about 21% oxygen. When we breathe air with a higher oxygen concentration - hyperoxia - (during EWOT that is 90-95% oxygen). - we immediately notice an increase in strength, endurance and energy. Research has shown that athletes with more oxygen can do more, keep the lactate level in the blood and heart rate lower than with normal heavy training. Hyperoxia affects the decrease in muscle glycogen utilization and, as a result, decreased lactate production and adrenaline secretion. Higher oxygen levels accelerate recovery and reduce fatigue EWOT - pushes oxygen deep under the skin into the muscles without the help of the lungs or heart. It can also achieve increased fat burning and endurance with reduced lactic acid production. This combination means better skills, faster recovery and less discomfort after a workout.
  • Can a person with asthma use the EWOT method
    Yes, it is advisable to stay next to the person during the 1st session and the person will have to walk or cycle very slowly so as not to trigger an exercise-related asthma attack. The duration of the first session should be shorter (7 to 10 minutes) then it can be gradually increased, depending on the person's capabilities, to reach the maximum 15 minutes per session.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum frequency for EWOT
    No, oxygen therapy can be practiced up to twice a day every day. Note: For a person who lives in the city, it is advisable to practice oxygen therapy regularly because the air quality in the city is poor.
  • Why does an EWOT session take 15 minutes
    This is the time the body needs to fully recharge with oxygen.
  • Is there a risk of addiction or health hazard.
    No, oxygen is a gas that is part of the air we breathe and is necessary for life, essential for health and essential for recovery from illness. Oxygen therapy cannot be considered doping for athletes, it is a natural method comparable to mountain training. Can a person undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment perform an oxygen therapy session? Yes, it is advisable to use oxygen therapy in addition to the treatment to reduce fatigue but also to promote healing of burns during radiation therapy. Studies show that cancer cells grow faster in a person with hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Cancer cells are sensitive to oxygen, so when the body is rich in oxygen, these cells develop more difficult.
  • What is the EWOT protocol
    You will experience the best performance when the EWOT Multistep Oxygenbag is completely filled with oxygen. This is enough to complete your 15-minute exercise. The oxygen concentrator remains in operation during the exercise Raise your heart rate to 100-120 beats per minute and alternate the exercise time. 30 seconds effort (sprinter) 3 minutes at a normal pace. Repeat for 15 minutes. IF THE PERSON HAS A LOW HEART RATE, IT IS RECOMMENDED: that the person does a number of exercises before the session to get the heartbeats between 80 and 100 beats per minute. If the person has a medical history, the duration of the 1st session should be limited to 10 minutes.
  • What effect does EWOT have on performance and endurance
    Since the body recovers faster with regular application of EWOT, training units can be increased (in size and intensity). Endurance is thus increased by more frequent and intensive training. Another advantage is the improvement of the immune system (less training cancellations, better quality of training) and oxygen use by optimizing the metabolism.
  • How often should you do EWOT
    When using at home with your own EWOT mulltstep system, it is recommended to start from the 1st session (maximum 15 minutes) to practice a course of 4 sessions in a relatively short time (4 days in a row) so that the result is optimal. EWOT can be practiced daily (up to 2 x per day). The recommended frequency depends on the living situation (stress or environmental influences), the age, the severity and development of the disease, the general state of health. Many users already report an improvement in their general health, well-being and performance with approximately 3 oxygen sessions per week. Oxygen is the most important supplement for the body. An oxygen-rich body can rehabilitate, regenerate and recover better. Oxygen therapy can therefore contribute greatly to the success of traditional medical treatments. This includes therapy for diabetes, wound healing disorders, pain therapy, burnout, peripheral arterial disease.
  • Welke onderzoeken zijn er beschikbaar over de voordelen van trainen met zuurstof?
    EWOT is gebaseerd op het onderzoek en werk van de Duitse wetenschapper van Dr. Manfred von Ardenne, Oxygen Multistep Therapy, Physiological and Technical Foundations. Dit boek van 400 pagina's documenteert de 10.000 patiënten en de resultaten van verschillende versies van O2-therapie. Klik hier om een ​​voorbeeld van het boek te bekijken .
  • Why do you hear more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and less about EWOT
    Since oxygen is freely available for EWOT, something for which no patent can be obtained, there is little commercial interest in it. and little is invested in large-scale clinical studies on oxygen and diseases. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is commercially attractive, also for large-scale research, and is fully or partially reimbursed by health insurers on medical grounds. However, with EWOT the same and even more can be achieved as with HBOT. EWOT is a natural method, it is inexpensive, has no side effects, takes little time and amply reaches the oxygen threshold at which a broad, profound and rapid anti-inflammatory effect can be achieved.
  • Does EWOT improve an athlete's performance?
    Yes, the application of EWOT can provide improved performance. This is due to a reduced recovery time, a reduced risk of injury and an energy-saving warm-up. The faster recovery allows the training to be modified, improving performance. Benefits of higher oxygen levels for athletes: delays the onset of anaerobic fermentation increases hormone production to a balanced, optimal level Increases the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate; the energy used by an organism for daily activities) - more energy and faster recovery - the acceleration of wound healing and the recovery of overgrowth and stress increases oxygenation of tissues oxidizes lactic acid and prevents build-up; helps prevent muscle pain prevents stress and tension in muscles and tendons; builds up defenses Reduces swelling, bruising, pain from injuries and speeds healing
  • If an athlete influences his metabolism with  oxygen therapy, does that count as doping"
    No, metabolism is optimized only within the context of existing physical conditions. Since training with oxygen only supports the natural body processes without the addition of additional resources, it is not seen as doping. Reduced blood flow due to acidity normalizes faster, waste products are excreted faster and damaged muscle cells are repaired faster. Improving performance in combination with good training.
  • Kan ik meer dan één zuurstofconcentrator aan het EWOT-therapiesysteem toevoegen?
    Ja, de zuurstofzak heeft 2 aansluitpunten voor een zuurstofconcentrator
  • Waarom is de EWOT set (zuurstofzak, masker, slangen, overdrukventiel) van Corpusair duurder dan andere merken?
    KWALITEIT, ZUIVERHEID & FUNCTIONALITEIT. Het belangrijkste onderdeel van het systeem zijn de zuurstofzak, de slangen die de zak voeden en het masker. Onze zuurstofzak wordt in Nederland met de hand gemaakt, is gecertificeerd, vervaardigd van medische TPU. Dit betekent dat het niet zal uitgassen en geen bacteriën of schimmels zal herbergen. Ook de overige materialen zijn van medische kwaliteit. Voor service en vragen kunt u terecht in Nederland.
  • Welke fitnessapparatuur stelt u voor?
    De ideale uitrusting is er een die ervoor zorgt dat uw hoofd niet op en neer en heen en weer beweegt. Houd er rekening mee dat er een slang bevestigd is aan het gezichtsmasker. Een rechtopstaande spinfiets/hometrainer is het beste.
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