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Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)
the background 

Het boek ontstekingsremmende zuurstoftherapie 

The book anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy 

This is the first ever book to discuss carbon dioxide medicine and oxygen medicine together. Anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy provides new insights into the common key features of disease, which deal with a lack of both oxygen and carbon dioxide.


Many doctors have never heard of carbon dioxide medicine. It is invisible, powerful and indispensable for life. It's oxygen. We inhale it continuously throughout our lives and although it makes up only 21% of the air we breathe, it is the key to our existence. The more we learn about the medicinal properties of oxygen, the clearer becomes its amazing medical treatment potential for many serious conditions. Yet few know the important therapeutic uses of oxygen - until now.


In his book, Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy, Dr. Mark Sircus explores the extraordinary benefits oxygen therapy offers, from detoxification to treatments for disorders such as GERD and aging, with a special emphasis on cancer.


Although the term 'oxygen therapy' conjures up images of a critically ill patient in a hospital bed with tubes in the nose and mouth, this book shows that it has so much more to offer.


First, Dr. Sircus examines the nature and purpose of it in the body. He then provides insight into how inflammation destroys tissues over time, and how oxygen can reverse this process. In addition, Dr. Sircus offers a safe and highly effective technique called  Multistep_Multistep_Multistep or EWOT that takes 15 minutes to complete and can be performed peacefully at home to fully reap the benefits for a healthier life. .


You may be wondering why you haven't heard of this "miracle cure" before. The point is that oxygen can't be patented, it's inexpensive, and you don't need a doctor for it. Since it does not bring huge profits, it has remained a closely guarded secret, but the facts speak for themselves. In this book, you'll find out these life-changing facts—information that can benefit your health.

Ontstekingsremmende zuurstoftherapie EWOT

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Dr Mark Sircus
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Dr.Mark Sircus
Dr.Manfred Von Ardenne
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Dr.Otto Warburg, de geschiedenis van EWOT zuurstoftherapie.

Step-by-step oxygen therapy - Developed in the late 1960s by Professor Manfred von Ardenne (a student of Dr. Otto Warburg, who is best known for his pioneering research on the link between anoxia and cancer), oxygen therapy, drugs that facilitate intracellular oxygen conversion and individual performance are brought together custom exercise. 


A basic foundation of his work with EWOT was the fundamental truth that energy production (the creation of cellular ATP) is limited by the transport of oxygen to the tissues rather than the supply of nutrients or food intake. He understood the basic biological truth of oxygen as the giver of life, without it all cells would die. He noted that when the body was fighting the effects of disease or old age, the cells of the body tended to lack oxygen and thus lack energy. Another observation he made was that health is associated with youth and high energy levels, while illness and old age are associated with lack of energy or what he called energy deficiency.


Von Ardenne was an accomplished inventor and researcher. He held more than 600 patents in radio, television, medical and nuclear technologies. He invented the first working scanning electron microscope in 1937. He applied his vast knowledge of physics to develop medical technologies and looked for ways to support his patients' cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary systems during experimental cancer treatments he developed in the 1960s. examined. He started using more oxygen along with exercise in these patients to increase energy and optimize cellular metabolism. His work was successful and he was able to prove through research that patients benefited from this simple yet effective combination treatment. Von Ardenne found out how inflammation disrupts the oxygen transfer to the cells.

The development of EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) by Dr. Manfred Von Ardenne led to its use as a medical and health treatment in more than 600 centers and in more than 100,000 patients across Europe.  

This unique therapy now has over 20 different treatment modalities.  While there are several ways to practice EWOT, the core of Dr. Von Ardennes therapy is breathing pure oxygen while exercising. This allows extra oxygen to be taken up by the red blood cells, blood plasma and tissue fluids.


EWOT or the stepwise oxygen therapy shows how easy it is to control the dose of oxygen, which is not possible with many other drugs, and therefore clinically relevant signs of oxygen toxicity do not occur. The body knows exactly how much oxygen it can handle during physical exertion, so dosage is actually not an issue. A good oxygen concentrator can deliver about 90% oxygen at 10 liters per minute. This is the bare minimum for oxygen therapy exercise. For twenty years now, patients in Europe have mostly used this flow rate with great success. However, when you exercise, you are breathing in more than 8 to 10 liters of gas per minute (l/min) of purified oxygen (higher flow rates of 15 to 20 l/min can also be used; lower flow rates of 3, 4 or 5 l/min. minus do nothing).


The new system (anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy) has no limit, meaning you can take in as much oxygen as the body can handle. You are not limited to what the oxygen concentrator is capable of delivering.

The oxygen you get should be 90 to 95% pure. Breathing in a lot of oxygen is completely safe with this new method, because enormous amounts of carbon dioxide are generated during physical exertion. The greater the amount of one gas, the greater is that of the other.

Any activity increases the body's need for oxygen. That is why physical exercises are done with extra oxygen and amazing results are achieved with the anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy. Typically, the stepwise oxygen therapy consisted of an 18-day, 36-hour program.

The EWOT multistep system has reduced that time to just 15 minutes per day, with the 36-hour effect already occurring after the first 15-minute session. In anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy, the oxygen is not limited by the system, but by the person concerned. The reservoir supplies all the oxygen a person can inhale.


A 10 liter machine can only deliver a maximum of 10 liters. With the old system in which people inhaled directly from a concentrator, you received an oxygen content of up to approximately 26% of the inhaled air. The anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy gives you about 90% per breath, more than three times as much oxygen. 90% instead of 26% makes a huge difference in how much oxygen reaches tissues and capillaries and how deep it penetrates into cells.


With EWOT you get all the benefits of aerobic training along with the benefits of increased oxygenation (ie hyperbaric chamber, ozone), but there are many benefits to EWOT as it is much simpler than hyperbaric and it takes less time.  It is also not dangerous like ozone therapies and it is much cheaper. There are additional benefits of exercise with EWOT (improved cardiovascular health, increased strength, endurance).


In addition, the immune system will be better able to reach problem areas in diseased tissues. This is especially important for people with a chronic illness or who are old. EWOT helps any condition of people who can perform the treatment by increasing cellular energy and helping the body fight disease. 


The secondary effect, in addition to increasing cellular energy, is to reduce inflammation in the body, starting in the blood vessels of the endothelium responsible for vascular health. It has been shown to improve angina, reduce migraines , lower and normalize blood pressure, and protect the heart from heart attack. The increased oxygen from EWOT will improve oxygen utilization in the cells of muscle tissue and joints as well as organs such as the lungs, heart and brain, correcting the decreased cell function due to oxygen deprivation. 


The studies of Dr. Von Ardenne also showed that EWOT is effective in protecting against cancer because oxygen is an excellent boost for the immune system. His studies showed improved immune function after EWOT treatment. 


Another benefit of oxygenation with EWOT is that it can help you lose weight by increasing your energy levels naturally without introducing nutrients.  More energy means less fatigue and will "rebound" food" decrease. This is where people binge eat because they feel like they are going to crash. EWOT also helps the body metabolize fat by increasing the cell's enzyme activity, making it easier to reach and burn fat.


The breakthrough of EWOT is that it increases arterial pressure to youthful levels; it's just about breathing high levels of oxygen while exercising. Exercise increases circulation, creating greater pressure to force oxygen into capillaries. The increase in pressure facilitates the restoration of the oxygen transfer mechanism from the environment to our body.

EWOT is effective for every condition imaginable because it enhances the release of the most vital substance in life and tissue repair." A wide variety of diseases, including heart disease, cancer, circulatory disorders and mental illness, are sometimes associated ​​optimal overall health and longevity.”



  • The most common side effect is a minor dryness of the sinuses and throat from oxygenated air, which can be helped by drinking more water and staying well hydrated. 


  • Normally, the body will breathe faster or slower according to the carbon concentration in the blood. But it is good to realize that there are also people, hypercapnia patients, who have a very high concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood, so that their breathing is not regulated by the carbon concentration but by the oxygen concentration.  These are often people with COPD, they are dependent on their “hypoxic drive”. These people should be more careful with the oxygen therapy and discuss this with their treating physician. 

  • Do you have doubts about the therapy or is it not clear to you where your complaints come from? Please contact your attending physician.








No recovery without oxygen. The benefits of improved oxygen supply and circulation can be achieved by anyone, regardless of age,  current illness or injury.

EWOT even speeds up recovery and strengthens the immune system.



More oxygen helps reverse the physical and mental effects of oxygen deficiency in cells due to air, water, and food pollution and aging. Toxins are removed more easily and cell functions are improved.




Elite athletes can benefit from faster recovery, higher workload tolerance, improved oxygen uptake and improved mental acuity when using EWOT as part of their training and competition regimen.




Just 15 minutes of training with EWOT provides all the beneficial fitness effects of an hour of intense training. Excellent results can be achieved at any level of current fitness.




Nothing leaves the body unless it is first bound to oxygen. A large amount of oxygen in your body can help burn excess weight, along with all the toxins that are always in those extra pounds.

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