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How EWOT can help  in asthma, COPD, shortness of breath and other lung conditions 

Oxygen training EWOT improves asthma attacks and shortness of breath

People who suffer from the chronic lung disease COPD, Asthma or other lung diseases know what it is like to:

  • Frequently feeling short of breath and giving up mucus

  • Shortness of breath, wheezing and being out of breath easily

  • Feeling an accelerated heartbeat

  • To be very tired, even after a light effort

  • Regular hospitalization

  • Taking a lot of drugs and having a disease that is getting more and more serious

  • Bad sleeping


Improvement in asthma attacks
and shortness of breath is possible by increasing the oxygen level in blood, blood plasma and tissue fluids

Oxygen therapy provides safe and effective support

Asthma can keep you from starting exercise. People with asthma are often short of breath and tired, or they are afraid of having an asthma attack. Experience shows that EWOT users with, for example, exercise-induced asthma dare to exercise again by combining exercise with oxygen. The use of oxygen counteracts shortness of breath and one can start to build up condition again. This is certainly not a miracle therapy or  cure for everything, but oxygen is indispensable and therefore a safe and effective addition to all regular forms of therapy. After all, without enough oxygen it is difficult to achieve even a healing effect!

The natural oxygen therapy improves blood flow and oxygen transfer and has significant beneficial effects on the relief of lung disorders. The EWOT oxygen therapy is a natural method that supports the body's performance and self-healing capacity. At the same time, due to the improved oxygen supply, it forms the basis on which both conventional medical treatments and natural therapies can be more effective.


The higher oxygen level plays a crucial role in decreasing the severity of the inflammatory reactions and increasing the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs. Improves lung function and the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to other tissues in emphysema, asthma and chronic bronchitis, reduces inflammation

Wat is astma


Asthma is a disease of the airways with many 'faces'. You can have asthma and also win a world title in, for example, skating. The other extreme is that despite good treatment you are capable of little and have become incapacitated for work.

The airways can be seen as round tubes that branch into smaller and smaller tubes. There is normally a lining with a thin layer of mucous membrane on the inside. On the outside it is surrounded by muscles. 

Zuurstoftherapie remt ontstekingen luchtwegen


The problem with asthma is that the mucous membrane of the airways is often inflamed and irritated and the surrounding muscles start to cramp. This causes the passage in the airways to narrow (less air can pass through).


Because of this inflammation:

  • the mucous membrane swells 

  • makes the mucous membrane more mucus,

  • muscles in the walls of the airways contract,

  • can constrict the airways (significantly).

The extent of the inflammation and cramping varies over time. This means that asthma often has an erratic course.

zuurstoftherapie ondersteunt behandeling bij astma


​Medicaments are aimed at treating the symptoms. The prescribed drugs can be divided into a number of groups: bronchodilators, anti-inflammatory drugs (corticosteroids), expectorants and antibiotics.

Based on the severity of the asthma and the frequency of attacks, (combinations of) drugs are used: 

  • Mild asthma: bronchodilators for persistent complaints

  • Moderate and severe asthma: maintenance dose of bronchodilators, possibly combined with inhaled steroids.


All medicines have side effects.​ Oxygen works like a medicine but without the side effects.

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EWOT oxygen

A common factor in lung problems is lack of oxygen in the blood and chronic inflammation. These reflect the body's low oxygen level.

EWOT offers safe and effective support for COPD, asthma, shortness of breath and other lung diseases. And as a supportive treatment, it can contribute to the success of traditional forms of therapy. Many users report an improvement in their general health and performance.

Effects of more oxygen: 

  •  Better oxygen utilization;

  • A better condition;

  • Decreased use of inhalers and Prednisone;

  • A reduction in inflammatory activity;

  • Normalization blood pressure

  • Better sleep quality


My situation has quickly changed because of EWOT. The most remarkable thing is that I have been doing oxygen training for 7 months now - since I do oxygen training a few times a week -  no more prednisone or antibiotics cure  or inhaler needed have had.


Normally I had pneumonia 2 or 3 times a year. I haven't even had a cold since I started EWOT,  I can't believe how much fitter I am now. 

Alinda ´s-Gravenzande

Zuurstoftraining ondersteunt behandeling astma
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