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Maarten Fornerod over EWOT zuurstoftherapie

"De revolutie is het tijdelijk verhogen van de zuurstofconcentratie in ons lichaam" 

In de geneeskunde wordt dit al tientallen jaren gedaan voor verschillende aandoeningen, zoals moeilijk geneesbare wonden. Maar nu blijkt dat het tijdelijk verhogen van de zuurstofconcentratie in ons lichaam een positieve uitwerking heeft op veel meer aandoeningen; met name van de hersenen.

(Maarten Fornerod  associate professor / Erasmus MC Rotterdam / TU Delft)

EWOT ervaringsdeskundige

natuurlijke zuurstoftherapie ewot

Wat is bewegen met zuurstoftherapie

Zuurstof is de hartslag van leven

Wist u dat het inademen van hogere zuurstofniveaus direct effect heeft op de gezondheid van uw bloed, cellen en microvaatjes? Daarom worden hyperbare therapiekamers al tientallen jaren gebruikt omdat het bij decompressieziekte 

helpt, ernstige infecties bestrijdt, chronische wonden helpt genezen  en zelfs  neurodegeneratieve ziekten kan verbeteren.


Maar er is een ander soort zuurstoftherapie dat al vele jaren onder onze neus ligt en misschien zelfs beter te beoordelen is dan hyperbare zuurstoftherapie.

Dit wordt EWOT genoemd (oefening met zuurstoftherapie; uitgesproken als e-watt), het komt de levens van heel veel mensen ten goede. 


Beter nog dan hyperbare zuurstoftherapie?

Herstel natuurlijke gezondheid

Iedereen kan baat hebben bij het herstellen van zijn  bloedsomloop en doorbloeding. Maar EWOT is bedoeld om de zuurstofcirculatie in een snel tempo te verhogen.


En hoewel er zeker een tijd en plaats is voor hyperbare zuurstof therapie, kan EWOT effectiever zijn. Veel zuurstof in het bloedplasma is immers op zich niet genoeg; we moeten dat plasma ook door die vernauwde haarvaten helpen duwen om de zuurstofarme cellen te bereiken. Dé manier om dat te doen is door te sporten, waardoor zwellingen in de vaatjes en ontstekingen afnemen, de energie wordt verhoogd en de gezondheid wordt beschermd.

Oxygen therapy is a breakthrough, effective, simple and affordable.
EWOT can easily be done at home or ask your therapist or gym for more oxygen to your capillaries

diverse ewot stijlen_edited_edited.png


We can live without food for a long time, a few days without water, but only a few minutes without breathing oxygen. Something so essential deserves all our attention. Oxygen?


Yes, that gas that is 21% dissolved in the air around us and that we constantly need to survive. Breathing air with a higher oxygen content can correct low oxygen levels in the blood and tissues.  Oxygen Therapy Exercise (EWOT) is a 15-minute therapy that increases oxygen levels in the blood, plasma and tissues.



With the anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy you do not breathe 21% but approximately 95% oxygen. More than 4 times as much oxygen per breath. That makes a lot of difference in the amount of oxygen reaching the tissues and capillaries. EWOT is a natural and safe method that will help you get fitter, increase your performance and alleviate many common health problems.

"The revolution is the temporary increase of the oxygen concentration in our body" 

It's hard to see a real revolution between all the fake news and fake science,

but this is one: OXYGEN" 

(Maarten Fornerod  associate professor / lecturer Erasmus MC Rotterdam / TU Delft)



EWOT (pronounced E-Watt) Exercise With Oxygen Therapy =  move with an oxygen mask on.

The physical effort is necessary to get the extra oxygen to all corners of the body, helped by the increased blood pressure during sports or exercise.

This natural oxygen therapy has been used since the 1960s by people suffering from COPD (such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema), lung cancer, rheumatism, insufficient heart function (heart failure), cystic fibrosis, asthma and occupational diseases that affect the lungs. Oxygen therapy is also used for specific types of headache complaints (cluster headache). But (top) athletes are also happy with it. The more oxygen in our system, the more energy we produce and the healthier we are.

Benefits of oxygen therapy identified in:

  • Wound care, pain relief

  • Skin problems, cosmetic treatments

  • Joint problems, mobility, (top) sports

  • Immune system recovery (chronic fatigue, burnout, ME, fibromyalgia)

  • Hormonal Disorders, Erectile Dysfunction

  • Lung Covid, Burnout, Migraine, Cluster Headache

  • Weight loss/weight management

  • An additional advantage is that disease-causing viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer cells cannot live in a high oxygen concentration

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy   (HBOT) after cancer treatment (tumours) has been used in hospitals for decades in a hyperbaric cabin. This is an effective but expensive and time-consuming therapy that can only be done under medical supervision because patients are given 100% oxygen and go to a pressure as if they were 15 meters under water.


The E WOT Oxygen Therapy  is a natural method that ensures that the maximum amount of oxygen gets where it is needed most - to damaged and inflamed tissues and cells that have run amok.

All you need to do is inhale oxygen while doing exercise. EWOT is as natural as breathing, is more effective, cheaper, can be done in less time, without side effects and can be applied independently by anyone in the comfort of their own home.  


In addition, with EWOT your endurance increases because you make an effort during the oxygen administration.

A win-win situation. Physical exercise with an oxygen mask offers many advantages, both preventive, curative and sporty.



  • Increase in fitness and decrease in fatigue

  • Inhibits harmful viruses, fungi and bacteria

  • Oxygenation positively affects blood flow and increases tissue oxygenation

  • Strengthens the immune system by stimulating metabolism and cell activity

  • Improves lung function and thus breathing, making it very helpful in conditions such as asthma, flu, sinusitis and other respiratory diseases

  • Prevents aging and promotes rejuvenation through increased oxygenation to cells, tissues and organs 

  • Inhibits inflammation, reduces pain, relaxes tired muscles (fibromyalgia)

  • Relieves stress and burnout - nerves are calmed

  • Improves sports performance,  more energy, faster recovery, delays the onset of anaerobic fermentation

The surprising thing about EWOT is that everyone can improve their oxygen intake, regardless of age or fitness, while wearing an oxygen mask and moving at your own pace on an exercise bike or treadmill. It doesn't matter how. Choose the device that you already have at home or that suits you best.


EWOT only requires 15 minutes of your time, an oxygen mask

and a  oxygen concentrator with a reservoir

  • This Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy Has Changed the Lives of Thousands

  • EWOT oxygen therapy increases oxygen concentration in blood plasma and tissues, including the brain 

  • EWOT is safe and more effective than hyperbaric oxygen therapy  (HBOT) and without the side effects

  • And you can easily train privately at home,   in the gym or at your (physiotherapist) therapist  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d-bb-5 _cc78 136bad5cf58d_

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Voordelen EWOT
Risico's EWOT
Zuurstoftherapie gebruiken
Wat is zuurstoftherapie
Ewot versus HBOT therapie
Zuurstof is sterk voor gezondheid, EWOT zuurstoftherapie Nederland

The solution is......





Oxygen is the most important supplement

the body can not do without


The increased oxygen transfer in the body creates feelings that athletes and other users describe as 'gearing into a higher gear'.

In practice we really go higher, faster, stronger and moreover we strengthen our health, sleep better, improve the immune system, the physical and mental condition, reduce the symptoms of chronic ailments, reduce obesity and more...

​Maybe you're wondering why you haven't heard of this "miracle cure" before?  The point is oxygen can't be patented, it's normally inexpensive and you don't need a doctor for it. Since it does not bring huge profits, it has remained a closely guarded secret, but the facts speak for themselves.

See also EWOT research and science

Chronic inflammation reflects the body's low oxygen level.

A very big advantage is that oxygen has an anti- inflammatory effect , and that viruses, bacteria and fungi do not thrive in an oxygen-rich environment.  Many chronic complaints respond well to EWOT; so inflammation has less chance.

Knowing more? Click on this book. 

The solution......
has been under your nose

Just 15 minutes for your health

The investment is small, the effect priceless


Exercising or even just moving is sometimes hard enough, especially if you are also chronically ill, overweight or have acidic legs to get moving. Extra oxygen will then give you the support you need to start and also to continue. The chemical reactions in our body are 'fired up'. We burn fat more efficiently. Sleeping is better. We feel better, our body is healthier and we think more clearly because of the increased oxygen supply.  There is a direct relationship between oxygen and vitality.




With EWOT, you move during oxygen therapy, increasing the heart rate, allowing you to make more carbon dioxide, forcing extra oxygen to deeper hypoxic/oxygen-poor tissues. This method is completely natural and safe. 


Is oxygen therapy also useful if you already have an oxygen saturation of, for example, 98%? The answer is yes, because the extra oxygen also dissolves in the blood plasma and tissue fluids and can therefore reach all corners of the body. 

That is pure oxygen gain  because now also those places are reached that are less accessible   for red blood cells.


Because more oxygen penetrates to areas and tissues with limited microcirculation, EWOT oxygen therapy can achieve so many amazing results and alleviate many common ailments. 

De complete gids voor het begrijpen en gebruiken van natuurlijke zuurstoftherapie.Zuurstoftherapie kan een positieve invloed hebben bij chronische ziekten en aandoeningen zoals:  hart- en vaatziekten, bloeddrukproblemen, diabetes, astma en copd, slaapstoornissen, slaapapneu, stressklachten en burnout, concentratiestoornissen, chronische vermoeidheidsklachten, maculadegeneratie, migraine, fibromyalgie en tinnitus.     Multistep is eenvoudig uit te voeren, vereist zeer weinig tijd,  en relatief goedkope apparatuur zoals b.v. een hometrainer, crosstrainer, loopband, het gaat erom dat u beweegt en een inspanning doet zodat uw hartslag omhoog gaat tijdens de 15 minuten training.      Enkele voordelen van een hoger zuurstofniveau:   vernietigt de schadelijke bacteriën,vergroot het vermogen van witte bloedcellen om bacteriën en overblijfselen te verwijderen (activiteit van leukocyten)   verbetert de groei van nieuwe bloedvaten, helpt infecties voorkomen enz.

Please take a moment to read the 1st two chapters

read  Download here

Meer zuurstof helpt de fysieke en mentale gevolgen te keren van zuurstofgebrek in de cellen als gevolg van lucht-, water en voedselvervuiling en veroudering. Mensen die aan EWOT zuurstoftherapie doen melden dat ze meer energie hebben, geestelijk helderder zijn en zich beter kunnen concentreren.

The solution......
has been under your nose  OXYGEN

Those who use oxygen on a regular basis feel healthier and happier

We worden in Nederland nog wel steeds iets ouder, maar we worden steeds eerder chronisch ziek. Een vrouw gemiddeld op 40,5 jaar. Een man gemiddeld op 47,2 jaar (bron). Welvaartsziekten als hart-en vaatziekten, kanker en diabetes zijn nu de belangrijkste doodsoorzaak. Onze leefomgeving en leefstijl zorgen voor verstoringen en ontstekingen in veel verschillende orgaansystemen.


De meer dan 200 bekende ontstekingsziekten weerspiegelen de  lage zuurstofstatus van het lichaam

We kunnen een hele tijd zonder voedsel en water leven, maar slechts enkele minuten zonder zuurstof in te ademen. Lichaamscellen hebben continue zuurstof nodig om energie uit voedsel om te zetten in een bruikbare vorm.  Dat stelt de cellen in staat om  vitale functies uit te voeren, zoals het aandrijven van onze spieren en het verplaatsen van organische materialen in en uit cellen.

"We don't have eternal life here, but if we use enough oxygen,
we will stay youthful and healthy until our time is up! " (dr.M.Sircus)"

Long covid, zuurstoftherapie helpt
EWOT voor wie?

Anyone able to exercise can benefit from EWOT oxygen training 

EWOT oxygen therapy helps people with declining health  on the road to recovery by oxygenating the body at the cellular level, allowing their bodies to perform more efficiently. For middle-aged people and above, EWOT provides the anti-aging benefits first identified by its inventor Prof. von Ardenne have been described.


For health-conscious people and athletes, EWOT is an opportunity to improve health and fitness, and take performance to another level. 



The oxygen level in-  and around cities is sometimes up to 30% lower than normal. Chronic bronchitis, excess mucus due to food sensitivity, asthma, COPD, bacterial, viral, parasite and fungal infections in the lungs and many other conditions affect the health of millions of people. Oxygen therapy is the cheapest and easiest available detoxification method. 





We use energy in literally everything we do, even when we sleep. And that requires oxygen. Due to incorrect breathing, illness or if the lungs are not functioning properly, extra oxygen may be needed. Also preventative - or for recovery, oxygen means a lot. 

Long COVID patiënt gebaat bij zuurstoftherapie

Lung Covid patients benefit from oxygen therapy

keijzer a.jpeg



Improving your oxygen supply today means getting better today. Even after a Covid infection it can take a long time before people are back to their old self.  With EWOT you get an abundance of oxygen in your system - and can  are achieved with just 15 minutes of exercise, a few times a week.

Oxygen is necessary
for operation
of every cell in
our body

This is how we relieve the worry

If we want, we can get oxygen power at home that far exceeds that of an emergency room or intensive care unit, but we rarely need it if we use oxygen on a regular basis.

Whoever does the latter feels healthier and happier, an experience that can be compared to a fighter plane refueling in the air.


Become your own superhero

An oxygen-rich body is the common thread for prevention and a strong immune system. Exercise with increased oxygen supply greatly assists the body in transporting oxygen

to the tissues.

Just 15 minutes is enough  it can be so easy to do so much for your health .

Zuurstoftherapie EWOT geeft snel resultaat, met als groot voordeel dat deze therapie heel gemakkelijk thuis kan worden toegepast
Onze partners en ambassadeurs
lichaamsbeweging met zuurstoftherapie EWOT verbetert immuunsysteem


EWOT oxygen training is easy to do at home

or at the gym

The solution......

has been under your nose






Give your employees and clients the chance to become more vital and healthier. EWOT is the perfect team player for all  your sports and treatment programs or as part of your corporate fitness and reduce absenteeism. 

EWOT is successfully used all over the world by private individuals in companies and in sports and health centers.


We deliver to (care) institutions in the Netherlands, Poland, Italy and Belgium. Every practitioner should offer EWOT oxygen training.  Nothing in the health world has as much to offer as oxygen. 



Would you also like to benefit from oxygen for prevention or recovery? Do you have questions? We are happy to help you.​

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  • You can order via the oxygen shop on the website,  or send an email for your quote.

  • Want to see/try the EWOT oxygen system first? You can do that by appointment  in our DEMO & ADVICE CENTER EWOT Oxygen Therapy  Herenstraat 19, in Monster (Westland ZH) or Dorpsstraat 207 Lunteren (GlD)

  • A small purse? Look at our refurbished oxygen concentrators!

Burn-out of chronisch moe? Zuurstoftherapie EWOT ondersteunt herstel
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