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Why can EWOT be used in case of illness?

Insufficient oxygen supply is a common cause of many diseases, disorders and complaints, especially with increasing age.


All performance in the body depends on optimal oxygen circulation. Without it, it is very difficult to achieve even a healing effect. With EWOT you let every cell receive oxygen and is therefore the ideal team player for all known treatments.


A higher oxygen level provides the foundation on which both conventional medical treatments and natural therapies can be more effective. 

In a 1984 article written by Dr. von Ardenne, it becomes clear how important improving the oxygen supply to body tissues is in combating common diseases.

So that you can move forward

Some examples where EWOT has proven effective:

  • chronic fatigue

  • extreme fatigue (lung covid)

  • chronic muscle pain

  • fibromyalgia

  • polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR)

Who in particular have

benefit from oxygen therapy?

People who suffer from chronic fatigue, respiratory problems, persistent complaints after covid-19  and people who are overweight benefit in particular from oxygen therapy. Because, aided by the oxygen, one can keep moving for longer, the effect is increased. The extra oxygen during training ensures that the combustion of subcutaneous fats increases considerably.

Health Prevention and Complementary Treatment in Disease

A falling oxygen level causes cells to age more quickly and is at the root of many diseases and mood disorders. With the regular use of EWOT, this process can be effectively remedied.

The use of EWOT strengthens the immune system, activates the self-healing powers and supports the body in the healing of wounds and injuries. A broad spectrum that, when used complementary, can significantly improve treatment success in many indications.


Cancer cells thrive in low-oxygen conditions. As long as the cells are deprived of sufficient oxygen, no positive change is expected in the long term. With EWOT, the body is able to create an ​​oxygen-rich environment. In fact, it is better able to fight disease. For patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, EWOT's higher oxygen level helps minimize the toxic effects of these treatments.

Dr. Robert Rowan: "By improving the supply of the most important substance for life maintenance and repair of tissues, the body is much better able to solve problems"

Supporting the treatment of disease, supporting the immune response, activating the self-healing capacity by providing all the oxygen needed.

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The higher oxygen supply has a positive effect on general well-being, health and sleep rhythm. Together, this leads to a higher quality of life.


Oxygen supports the metabolism for better performance, a faster reaction time, a lower risk of sports injuries and a faster recovery.

Verbeter slaapproblemen, doorbloeding en algehele gezondheid met zuurstoftherapie EWOT.



Lead a disease-free and energetic life into old age
is mainly determined by the oxygen level 

Anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy provides all the oxygen you can breathe

Many people have an unhealthy high breathing volume, often as a result of stress. This leads to a poorer absorption of oxygen in the body, weakens the immune system and puts an extra load on the nervous system. 


EWOT can help break this vicious circle naturally. A higher oxygen concentration improves limited circulation, increases the efficiency of body cells, reduces pain and inflammation, calms and has a beneficial effect on the self-healing capacity of your body.

Oxygen is Life

With EWOT, the cells can absorb more oxygen.  Waste gases and toxins are removed more efficiently and cells begin to function better.

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The EWOT oxygen system is based on the scientific studies of 


Unique history EWOT

Professor von Ardenne 1907-1997  (student of Dr. Otto Warburg) was one of the original researchers who spent years researching tens of thousands of patients about how the body works with and responds to increased levels of oxygen saturation. His book, Oxygen Multi-Step Therapy, is considered by many to be the most important resource in this field.

Through his research, von Ardenne discovered that higher levels of oxygen in the body can contribute to recovery from disease and help achieve optimal overall health and longevity ​​ .  He also discovered that oxygen worked wonders for the immune system.

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