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EWOT zuurstoftherapie vergroot spierkracht-bij-ouderworden

Sarcopenia: weakening of muscles

Chronic low-grade inflammation in later life has been associated with the development of sarcopenia, a combination of muscle weakness and impaired muscle function. 

Anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy EWOT good for muscle strength!

The body's ability to transfer oxygen to cells becomes compromised as we age. Exercise is the usual way to stay young.


Exercise is important, but the biggest breakthrough ever against aging is exercise with oxygen therapy, which can drastically reduce the effects of aging in everyone.

Unless we do something about the decline in oxygen levels

stop, our muscle strength begins to diminish

Zuurstoftherapie EWOT versterkt spierkracht en conditie.

Anyone able to exercise can benefit physically from EWOT 

Common signs of aging include fatigue and poor immune system, which may have resulted from poor oxygen circulation due to reduced elasticity of the lungs. Other signs of aging are that the skin begins to slacken, more fatty tissue is formed and the muscles begin to slacken.

Loss of muscle mass therefore mainly occurs as we age . Muscles in the body become thinner, less strong and less elastic. As a result, the walking speed decreases and there is a greater chance of falling and/or fractures. The shrinking of the muscles is therefore actually an old-age ailment that increases every year. This phenomenon is called Sarcopenia (also called fragility).

From the age of 25, a person loses about 1% of his muscle mass and muscle strength every year. This increases to about 3% per year from the age of 70, resulting in possible problems in independence and in carrying out daily activities. In the over-65s, about 10-50% of the population has sarcopenia, but this increases sharply with age.

It is difficult to predict when sarcopenia will lead to functional decline. Chronic diseases, inactivity, infections and malnutrition can accelerate muscle weakness.


Muscle mass and muscle strength are essential for maintaining physical independence in old age. Various studies have shown that exercise with oxygen therapy can counteract muscle weakness.


By doing simple exercises in which you inhale a high level of oxygen, you can ensure that the breakdown of muscle tissue decreases and even improves.  Even the over 80s   already experience improvement after several weeks of anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy. 

There is finally a natural and effective oxygen therapy that reduces the effects of aging, is affordable  and can be done right at home in the bedroom or living room. 

The anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy is used by people of all ages, while doing exercise, on a stationary bike or treadmill or other training device.

The therapy naturally returns the oxygen pressure to a youthful level and inflammation in the capillaries decreases after the 1st oxygen session.  Anyone looking for anti-aging remedies and even rebuild fitness will be happy with this therapy.

Even if training or even just moving is hard enough, especially if you are also chronically ill, are overweight or have acidic legs to get moving. Then extra oxygen gives you the support you need to get started and also to keep going. There is a direct relationship between oxygen and vitality.

Did you know that 52% of the over-75s already have difficulty climbing stairs?

Oxygen therapy EWOT is the best stairlift
at cell level

Would you like to live independently at home with a good condition  ?  

With EWOT, only a lot of oxygen has to be inhaled while doing physical exercises. You breathe  a constant supply of 90-95% pure oxygen, increasing oxygen levels in the blood, plasma and tissues. An exercise of 15 minutes is sufficient and can be done at home in the bedroom.

The benefits of EWOT oxygen therapy are countless:

  • Inhibits ignition 

  • Increase in (muscle) strength, endurance and energy

  • Oxygen supports the treatment and prevention of cancer, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue 
  • Boosts Metabolism for Weight Loss
  • Significantly improves mobility, performance and recovery

Zuurstoftherapie EWOT is de beste traplift. Zuurstof gaat veroudering tegen.
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