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oxygen therapy powerful support  recovery lung-covid

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Zuurstoftherapie Corona - Support /

Improved oxygenation and oxygen transfer can initiate a healing and repair process that would not normally occur because there is no cellular energy for it.

After corona often need physio help

Climbing stairs, shopping or getting dressed,
a difficult job

Oxygen therapy for  more cell energy 

For ex-corona patients who have lost their basic condition, normal efforts become top sport.  Even after a quiet training at the physio or the rehabilitation center, people often spend two days on 'apegaping'._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Exercise with extra oxygen gives you just the support you need to start and also to continue. But there are many more benefits of oxygen therapy. 

By improving the delivery to -  and the transfer to the cells of the key substance for tissue maintenance and repair, the body is much better able to solve problems.

  • The chemical reactions in our body are 'fired up'. Sleeping is better. We feel better, our bodies are healthier and we think more clearly because of the increased oxygen supply

Long covid klachten herstellen sneller met zuurstoftherapie

Oxygen therapy is very easy to do at home or at the gym, read more

Zuurstoftherapie EWOT helpt bij longcovid en burnout

Zuurstoftherapie EWOT helpt bij longcovid en burnout

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Thanks to regional TV Limburg: news item regiotv June 5, 2022

Met EWOT zuurstoftherapie ademt u 3 keer meer zuurstof, 900 liter zuivere zuurstof in15 minuten voor gezondheid en beter worden!


Recent onderzoek richt zich vooral op de effecten van de meer belastende, dure en tijdrovende hyperbare zuurstoftherapie, en veel minder op de ontstekingsremmende zuurstoftherapie EWOT.


De belangrijkste redenen hiervoor zijn de onbekendheid met EWOT, in hoofdzaak vanwege het feit dat deze eenvoudige methode geen grote winsten oplevert, en er geen recept voor nodig is en dus commercieel minder interessant is. Daarom wordt er minder over EWOT gesproken. Maar de wetenschappelijke feiten spreken al 20 jaar voor zich. 

More and more ex-corona patients are discovering the power of increasing the oxygen concentration.

The first Israeli  case reports of successfully treated long-term COVID symptoms with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, with significant improvements in cognition, energy and cardiopulmonary function are in. Beautiful!

Are we all taking an expensive subscription to the hyperbaric oxygen tank now? No, oxygen therapy is also possible with EWOT -  the thoroughly substantiated and natural counterpart of hyperbaric oxygen therapy - is much simpler, more effective, cheaper and without the side effects of hyperbaric therapy._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

This natural therapy only takes fifteen minutes at a time,   does not require specialist supervision and can be used very easily at home and is therefore much less stressful.


One in eight adults still have complaints for months after corona infection 

POSTCOVID SYNDROME (source: Ellen de Visser Nederlands Dagblad 5 August 2022)

One in eight adults suffers from health problems for months from a corona infection. This is apparent from a large, long-term Dutch study.  The results were published on August 5, 2022 in the professional journal The Lancet. The Dutch figures are internationally regarded as the most reliable estimate of the number of patients to date. More than 500 million people worldwide have been infected with the coronavirus and it was already clear that some of them suffer from health problems.


The size of that group has remained unknown until now. Dozens of attempts have already been made to capture the so-called post-covid syndrome in numbers, but many studies have quite a few shortcomings, resulting in unrealistic calculations being published. Numerous patients report medical complaints after a corona infection, but how many of them already had these complaints before? And how certain is it that their problems were caused by the coronavirus itself and not by, for example, the stress that the pandemic brought with it?
Dutch scientists managed to circumvent these shortcomings by linking up with an existing health study (Lifelines) in which 167,000 people in the Northern Netherlands have been followed for years. Quite soon after the outbreak of the virus, part of that group also started filling in questionnaires about corona on a regular basis.


More than 4,200 participants contracted a corona infection and they kept the researchers from the Groningen UMCG and the Radboudumc in Nijmegen informed about their health situation for months. Because it was also known how they were before the infection, a good comparison could be made. In addition, the researchers were able to compare complaints from the group of corona patients with those of a comparable group of participants who had not been infected, in order to correct the data for a possible pandemic stress effect.

In this way they managed to paint a much more accurate picture of the number of patients than has been done until now.
More than 21 percent of the corona patients in the study had at least one new health complaint or an ailment that had worsened three to five months after the infection. In the uninfected group this was just under 9 percent. Conclusion: in more than 12 percent of patients, the complaints are the result of the corona infection. 

Symptoms (basic features of postcovid syndrome)
Ten symptoms were so obvious or exacerbated that the researchers consider them to be the basic hallmarks of post-covid syndrome.

These include:

  • chestpain,

  • sore muscles,

  • a heaviness in arms and legs,

  • loss of smell and taste and general fatigue.


The patients were not asked about mental complaints, such as the so-called brain fog (difficulty with concentration and memory); that a corona infection can also cause those symptoms was only known months after the start of the study. The results mainly apply to patients with relatively mild infections, who have been sick at home. Only a few percent of the participants had been hospitalized. It is known that 50 to 70 percent of patients admitted to hospital with covid do not recover well.


British professor of pulmonary medicine Christopher Brightling and his colleague pulmonologist Rachael Evans praise the Dutch research. The number of patients whose complaints ultimately lead to serious health damage or disability is therefore a small minority, they note. The Dutch scientists collected by far the most data during the first corona year. It is therefore unknown whether vaccination is effective against the development of long-term complaints and whether the recent variants of the virus (delta and omikron) affect patients in the same way. 

Breda: name known to editors: 28 February 2022 LONG COVID complaints 

I am 42 years old, a sports teacher and was rarely sick until I got corona in March 2021. Since then, nothing has been the same. I still can't do my work full time and I have many complaints from great fatigue to pain in muscles and joints. Tried everything from acupuncture to physiotherapy. Actually at my wits' end started on EWOT oxygen therapy.

First take it easy 3 times a week and now without effort every day for 15 minutes.  My energy level has improved in a few weeks, I even ran once. I'm not there yet, but at least I'm moving forward. I can recommend supplemental oxygen to anyone. 

Now more than two years after his corona infection

is it a lot better

Zuurstoftherapie EWOT  steeds meer bekend bij long covid patienten

Oxygen therapy supports health

Promotes Healing

 Oxygen therapy recent RESEARCH

Symptoms of Lung covid include neurocognitive impairment and fatigue. Two possible mechanisms may be responsible for these long-lasting, unrelenting symptoms: hypercoagulability, which increases the risk of blood vessel blockage, and an uncontrolled continuous inflammatory response. One option to reverse hypoxia, reduce neuroinflammation and induce neuroplasticity is anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy.

* Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in patients with   overweight and obesity with COVID-19

* Hyperbaric oxygen as adjuvant treatment for patients with COVID-19 severe hypoxemia: a randomized controlled trial

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment for long-term coronavirus disease-19: a case report


EWOT verhoogt het zuurstofgehalte in het bloedplasma, wat de stofwisseling verbetert. Het heeft een positief effect op chronische vermoeidheid, terugkerende hoofdpijn en spierpijn. Zo verrijkt EWOT alle delen van het lichaam met extra zuurstof en vermindert het het risico op het ontwikkelen van ziekten aanzienlijk en helpt het chronische ziekten te verminderen of ervan te herstellen.

"You often don't find anything special when someone comes to you with complaints"
Pulmonologist Bram van den Borst Radboudumc

Zuurstoftherapie bij de fysiotherapeut
zuurstoftherapie versterkt weerstand en versnelt herstel na corona.
Covid  patienten geholpen met zuurstoftherapie EWOT
Ja voor EWOT_edited.png
There is a direct relationship between
oxygen and vitality.

Doctors and therapists can become superheroes by prescribing a simple oxygen training for their patients,


Providing them with a non-toxic, inexpensive, non-invasive and natural means to immediately reduce stress hormones, calm emotions, increase oxygen levels, release stress, relax muscles, detoxify and improve the overall effectiveness of the body. and improve organs.


In addition, the cell voltage also increases and the pH value improves.

zuurstoftherapie herstelt enenergie na covid infectie
Zuurstoftherapie EWOT voor sneller herstel na covid

Ook Moleculaire waterstof blijkt een veelbelovende aanvullende strategie te zijn bij de behandeling van COVID-19 en Long-COVID.

Moleculair waterstofgas is een onderzoekshotspot op biomedisch gebied geworden. Van waterstof is ook aangetoond dat het therapeutische effecten heeft op verschillende ziekten zoals tumoren, sepsis en orgaanschade.

Van waterstof is aangetoond dat het op verschillende manieren inwerkt om zijn ontstekingsremmende en antioxiderende effecten uit te oefenen bij de behandeling van chronische longziekte, en daarom kan het de ernstige longsymptomen van COVID-19 verlichten. 


Een groot aantal onderzoeken heeft bevestigd dat waterstof een therapeutisch effect heeft op veel ziekten door het remmen van overmatige ontstekingscellen en -factoren.

Momenteel tonen onderzoeken aan

Dat het gebruik van waterstof als therapeutisch middel tegen COVID-19 al na twee dagen gebruik kan leiden tot een significante verbetering van de ernst van de ziekte. Dit bevat

  • Dyspnoe-schaal

  • Pijn op de borst

  • Pijn op de borst

  • Hoest schaal

  • Zuurstofverzadiging in rust

Guan WJ, Wei CH, Chen AL. Inhalatie van gemengd gas met waterstof/zuurstof verbetert de ernst van de ziekte en kortademigheid bij patiënten met de ziekte van Coronavirus 2019 in een recent multicenter, open-label klinisch onderzoek. J Thorac Dis. (2020) 12:3448-52. doi: 10.21037/jtd-2020-057


Inhalatie van gemengd gas met waterstof/zuurstof verbetert de ernst van de ziekte en kortademigheid bij patiënten met de ziekte van Coronavirus 2019 in een recent open-label klinisch onderzoek in meerdere centra


De draagbare Hydrogen/Oxygen Machine  900 ml -  is de nieuwste waterstoftherapie machine - voor de productie van zuiver watergas-zuurstofgas. De behandeling kan eenvoudig thuis worden toegepast. Inhaleer waterstof eenvoudig via een neusbril en met de bijgeleverde bruisstick maak je in een handomdraai krachtwater van gewoon kraanwater. 

Waterstof en zuurstof inhalatie bij Longcovid
beklemtoonde Vrouw

Despair drives lung covid patients abroad for treatment

de Volkskrant 26 July 2022

The despair is so great that people move to foreign hospitals at their own expense to have their blood filtered or undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Complaints that are common in this group include severe fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain and palpitations. In addition, there are often headaches and concentration problems. It is not yet clear why a COVID-19 infection causes so many different complaints.

A lot of scientific research is currently being done. Also to the effect of oxygen therapy

Image by Kyle Glenn

Ontstekingsremmende zuurstoftherapie EWOT - remt ontstekingen in de kleine vaatjes

Meer energie? Denk eens aan EWOT zuurstoftherapie!

Anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy EWOT - training with an oxygen mask on


It is invisible, powerful and indispensable for life. It's oxygen.


We inhale it continuously throughout our lives and it is the key to our existence. More and more people are discovering the extraordinary benefits of oxygen therapy.

EWOT is a natural method, safe and effective that only takes 15 minutes of your time and can be performed peacefully at home.

Zuurstoftherapie remt ontstekingen in de kleine vaatjes

Behandelingen postcovidsyndroom

Tienduizenden Nederlanders worstelen nog altijd met gezondheidsklachten na hun coronabesmetting. Er zijn hoopvolle berichten over behandelingen, Israelisch onderzoek heeft al laten zien dat ZUURSTOFTHERAPIE  ook postcovid patienten kan helpen.

Ook WATERSTOFTHERAPIE  blijkt een veelbelovende aanvullende strategie te zijn bij de behandeling van COVID-19 en Long-COVID.maar in Nederland wordt er tot frustratie van artsen niet een onderzocht. 


Kennelijk zijn er oplossingen, Nederlands wetenschappelijk onderzoek en bewijs vergaren blijft vooralsnog achter

Hoopvolle berichten

Nederland telt 10 hyperbare centra, waarvan 9 commercieel.  Artsen zien patiënten opknappen. Geld voor onderzoek en onafhankelijke toetsing is er niet. De klinieken bieden de zuurstoftherapie tegen betaling,. 

 Er zijn zeker 40 sessies nodig leert de ervaring, kosten zeker 8.000 euro. En niet iedereen kan dat betalen

Over  EWOT - de natuurlijke versie, niet duur, niet belastend, meer effect,

wordt vooralsnog te weinig gesproken. Laat je daarom informeren.Neem zelf de regie!



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OXYGEN THE anti virus supplement  for recovery and a healthier life

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