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Welcome to the EWOT Testing program

We will then explain the program and its progress to you. This way you are fully informed and you can concentrate completely on the essentials: your health, your well-being and the role that anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy can play in this.

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Already for 750 euros EWOT@HOME

What is the EWOT TESTING program?

The fact that oxygen therapy works has already been extensively researched and described in numerous scientific studies, so testing is no longer necessary in that sense. However, with the EWOT Testing program you will have the opportunity to experience EWOT oxygen therapy for yourself for 8 weeks before you finally buy the EWOT set.  We hope you take advantage of this period and discover that there are there is no reason to withhold EWOT from your health.


For the test, only the EWOT multistep set with the 5 liter oxygen concentrator is available as a new device in the original scope of delivery without additional accessories. If the  Oxygen Therapy Kit is accepted after the test, you only pay the processing costs for the test option, and we deduct the test costs from the total purchase price.


If you decide not to take over the EWOT oxygen system, you will only pay the testing and processing costs. Of course, the test can be stopped at any time during the eight-week testing period. In that case, the testing and processing costs will not be refunded.


EWOT SET complete (excl. exercise bike or the like)

Processing/supervision costs   50 euros

Test 900,-

Total cost Test phase

950 euros incl. VAT


Remaining price upon acquisition

1,730 euro (purchase price)  – 900,- euro   = 830,- euro incl. VAT


How does EWOT Testing work?

  1. You register with Corpusair for the EWOT Testing program.

  2. You will receive an order confirmation and an advance invoice.

  3. After receipt of the advance, the purchase agreement is concluded and the EWOT set will be sent to you or you can collect it on location. Until full payment, the EWOT oxygen system remains the property of CORPUSAIR


When you keep the oxygen system

If necessary, Corpusair will guide you during the test phase, and of course you can also contact us afterwards with all questions about oxygen therapy.  After eight weeks, the oxygen system is considered taken over – in which case you don't have to do anything, just pay the remaining purchase price.


If you want to return the oxygen system

The testing phase can be stopped at any time during those eight weeks. Test and processing costs will not be refunded in that case.  Corpusair will guide you during the test phase and also inform you of the end of the test phase.  The costs for returning are for you (about 15 euros) or deliver on location.


Your benefits at a glance

  • You can test the EWOT  oxygen therapy set extensively and without limitation with all your family members before purchasing

  • Comfortable working method: easy ordering, easy handling, testing new system and     

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-de 15-781905cffback 136bad5cf58d_if you don't like it

  • Only after eight weeks does the system have to be paid in full

  • No risk, no hidden costs


CORPUSAIR©/FREEAIR®/ EWOT NETHERLANDS 2022-NL // REV.02.1 // Replaces all previous versions // Subject to change // © CORPUSAIR// EWOT NL. Version: 02.1 - Valid from 01.02.2022 for the Netherlands

Zuurstoftherapie EWOT zuurstofconcentrator

"Oxygen therapy is revolutionary

   and good for the brain"

Long covid, EWOT zuurstoftherapie helpt


EWOT set 

to order

Order your EWOT oxygen system now, you take care of the training device yourself. Benefit from personal advice from Corpusair during the test period 


Pay EWOT tests and

set received


After receipt of payment you will receive the EWOT set at home within 2-3 working days, or pick it up on location (by appointment).


Test and enjoy EWOT set

The EWOT set is easy to install with the manual and can be used independently. Or feel free to ask Corpusair for additional information. After which you can fully enjoy your EWOT set and feel good.

After the 8-week testing phase , please tell us whether you want to keep or return the EWOT set.


EWOT set 

keep of 


Upon acquisition, the costs of the EWOT test are deducted from the purchase price and you only pay administration costs.

When you return the EWOT set, you have already paid the amount for the EWOT testing.

We are the market leader in the Netherlands and Europe for EWOT anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy. Our EWOT set has been developed for maximum effect and ease of use for both the professional health and sports industry and for home use. Besides hundreds of Dutch users  , our clients are now also located in Belgium, Brazil, France, Poland, Portugal, England, Ireland, Russia, Italy, Spain, Romania, Germany, Croatia, Africa, South Korea , Czech Republic, Slovakia, China and the United States.

This is what happy EWOT customers say

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