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Vecht tegen gezondheidsroof... Ontsteking!

laaggradige ontstekingen stoppe met zuurstoftherapie

De wetenschap heeft bewezen dat chronische, laaggradige ontstekingen een stille moordenaar kunnen worden die bijdraagt ​​aan hart- en vaatziekten, kanker, diabetes type 2 en andere aandoeningen. Het feit dat drie op de vijf mensen over de hele wereld sterven aan een ziekte die verband houdt met een ontsteking is veelzeggend.

Gelukkig kun je genoeg doen om terug te vechten.

Stel je voor dat je het lichaam 4 keer meer zuurstof kunt aanbieden 

Niet alleen in de slagaders en aders, maar tot in de kleinste  haarvaten

(die 76% van de bloedsomloop uitmaken)

Imagine getting 4 times more oxygen in the body.

Not just in arteries and veins, but down to the tiniest  capillaries

(which make up 76% of the circulation). 


Low-grade inflammation decreases. Immunity is strengthened. Energy is restored.
And not just the energy to go through the day, but also the energy all cells need to process the millions of biochemical reactions to each condition.

All processes in the body require adequate blood flow and the ability to carry oxygen.

However, there are many factors that negatively affect our body and its ability to keep you healthy and vital. Oxygen is the key 

Why EWOT? The anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy is simple and natural and no side effects. The point is to inhale a lot of oxygen - about 40 liters per minute - while doing exercise. The supersaturation of the blood plasma and red blood cells with oxygen ensures that oxygen is transported to the capillaries and thus to the deep tissues/organs. 

Every part of us needs oxygen to heal, rebuild, fight invaders and produce ATP (energy). 


With EWOT, the cells open within fifteen minutes and take in extra oxygen so that they can detoxify, which is crucial for health and helping to overcome chronic (inflammation) diseases.

Trainen met EWOT zuurstoftherapie remt ontstekingen in lichaam en hersenen

Oxygen can reverse the inflammatory process

EWOT ontstekingsremmende zuurstoftherapie heeft in de afgelopen decennia al het leven van duizenden mensen veranderd. Krachtiger nog dan hyperbare zuurstof therapie vanwege de grote zuurstof flow die kan worden ingezet en je traint ook nog eens comfortabel in je eigen huis.
It only requires 15 minutes of your time, an EWOT oxygen mask and an oxygen concentrator with a nice sized oxygen reservoir. 
EWOT anti- inflammatory  oxygen therapy has already changed the lives of thousands of people. Even more powerful than hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and you train in your own environment. 


Anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy is the most invasive way to prevent disease and regain health. We now have the means to reverse the aging of our blood circulation within weeks. 
Nothing can match the pure healing power and alkalizing effect of oxygen. Oxygen is the answer to good and evil, and if you get enough of it, almost every ailment can be cured.

EWOT is a process in which an enormous amount of oxygen is released onto the cells - in other words an enormous amount of life force. This oxygen therapy goes far beyond hyperbaric oxygen therapy, because of the higher oxygen level that can be used. 

Anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy is a monumental breakthrough that can benefit almost everyone and can be easily applied at home. The oxygen level of your youth will return, so anyone who wants to combat aging will be very happy with this therapy, including athletes and sports trainers. Every clinic and  wellness center should offer the therapy. Nothing in the health world has more to offer than anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy. 
Without enough oxygen, due to shallow breathing, drug use, lack of exercise, stress, environmental pollution, toxic prescription drugs - sooner or later your body will feel sore, work dysfunctional and be unable to protect itself against infections, bacteria or viruses . 
The combustion process in the cells works better, resulting in a higher energy production. This will increase vitality. The immune system is strengthened, so that more protected antioxidants are produced in the cell. This has a particularly positive effect on diseases and disorders, on the skin, the eyes and the aging process. 
The autonomic nervous system, the main control center of all processes in the body, works demonstrably better. This means that the metabolism is optimized, a precondition for good health, rapid recovery, effective detoxification and good weight management. 
Oxygen therapy can have a positive influence on chronic diseases and conditions such as: 
cardiovascular disease, blood pressure problems, diabetes, asthma and COPD , sleep disorders, sleep apnea, stress complaints and burnout , concentration disorders, chronic fatigue complaints, macular degeneration,
migraine, fibromyalgia and tinnitus. 
EWOT is easy to perform, requires very little time,  and relatively cheap equipment such as eg an exercise bike, cross trainer, treadmill, it is all about moving and making an effort so that your heart rate goes up during the 15 minute workout. 

Some benefits of a higher oxygen level: 

  • destroys the harmful bacteria (antimicrobial effect) 

  • increases the ability of white blood cells to remove bacteria and debris (leucocyte activity) 

  • improves the growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) 

  • helps prevent infections 

  • improves bone regeneration for faster recovery 

  • improves tissue survival in the 'grey area' of crush injuries 

  • increases the growth of cells that form repair tissue (fibroblastic proliferation) 

  • increases oxygen level in tissues 

  • increases oxygen uptake in the area around wounds 

  • increases production and improves the functioning of osteoblasts and osteoclasts 

  • increases stem cell growth 

  • increases collagen production 

  • increases white blood cell production and strength 

  • oxygenation positively affects blood flow 

  • promotes tissue strength 

  • significantly reduces edema 

  • significantly reduces swelling 

  • shorten the ignition process 

  • improves erectile dysfunction 

  • promotes the growth of new capillaries 

  • supports scar tissue repair 

  • improves mobility and fitness ​

Benefits for athletes:  

  • delays the onset of anaerobic fermentation 

  • increases hormone production to a balanced, optimal level 

  • increases the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate; the energy used by an organism for daily activities) - more energy and faster recovery - acceleration of wound healing and recovery from overgrowth and stress 

  • increases tissue oxygenation 

  • oxidizes lactic acid and prevents its accumulation; helps prevent muscle pain 

  • prevents stress and tension in muscles tendons; builds up defenses 

  • reduces swelling, bruising, pain from injuries and speeds healing 

Benefits for everyone: 

  • reduces inflammation 

  • destroys harmful bacteria and viruses, hepatitis, candidiasis, parasite infestation and mycotoxicosis 

  • detoxifies - reduces environmental toxins load and is especially helpful in environmental sensitivities 

  • improves blood flow to the capillaries, reduces viscosity and secretes the red blood cells; supports in peripheral vascular disease and arrhythmia 

  • counteracts aging and promotes rejuvenation through increased oxygenation to cells, tissues and organs 

  • improving lung function and the ability of red blood cells to pass oxygen to other tissues in emphysema, asthma and chronic bronchitis 

  • reduces pain, relaxes tired muscles (fibromyalgia) 

  • relieves stress and 'burnout' - nerves are calmed 

  • reduces hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in the tissues - gangrene, diabetic infections and AIDS/HIV 

  • accelerates the metabolic process (improves circulation and supply of nutrients within the body) resulting in a loss of 200 to 250 calories per session 

  • stimulates the immune system (rheumatoid arthritis) instead of suppressing it 


EWOT multistep oxygen therapy is easy to do, inexpensive, only requires 15 minutes of your time, and can not only help you restore your health, but is especially for people who want to maintain good health. 


Zuurstoftherapie gaf me niet alleen sneller herstel na corona, ook voor mijn astma heb ik geen medicatie meer nodig gehad.


I've been taking medication for my asthma for years, since I've been doing EWOT I haven't needed any medication. In the beginning every day, now I train 3 times a week with oxygen.

Trainen met zuurstof is supergezond voor je lichaam.


After my 1st session I already felt better. I have been using EWOT at home for 4 weeks now and notice a clear difference with running. Super healthy for your body!

Zuurstoftraining EWOT bij Wellness het Gooi

Sandra, Wellness het Gooi

Our clients like to feel energetic and radiate that . With 15 minutes of EWOT they get a physical and mental boost, the pure oxygen works immediately and my clients come back especially a few times a week.

Multistep oxygen therapy
EWOT Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

For info or questions please contact _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ .

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