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Did you know that it is very easy to enrich your drinking water with 90% oxygen with your AngelBiss oxygen concentrator?

Use your starter set to convert the drinking water to the healthy H2O and treat your  body with extra healing oxygen water. You can be amazed at the producers   who demand a power for a little oxygen, oxygen, hydrogen, O2 water, sports water etc etc etc.


With the AngelBiss oxygen concentrator you have everything you need, place the humidifying cup in the holder and turn on your machine for 5 minutes to mix the water under pressure with 90% pure oxygen.

Zelf geneeskrachtig zuurstofwater maken gaat heel eenvoudig met je AngelBIss zuurstofconcentrator van

With your oxygen concentrator AngelBiss you have everything you need to make your own oxygenated water.

Video: Enrich your drinking water with 90% oxygen yourself
with your oxygen concentrator

You can   test it yourself easily by first checking your oxygen level with the oximeter,   then drink your water, let the body do its work and after 3 minutes it will you see your oxygen saturation rising.


It's the ultimate detox way. Combine this with essential minerals such as magnesium, iodine, sodium bicarbonate and selenium


Drinking oxygenated water is increasingly accepted by people who are conscious of their health. If you try oxygenated water, you can convince yourself of its revitalizing effect.

According to the results of medical tests, it has a similar effect on the human organism as the average sport, and thus fits in with the worldwide trend of fitness and wellness.


The human body consists of 70% water. The weight of a water molecule is 90% oxygen, so you can safely say that 2/3 of the human body is made up of air. Oxygen enters the body primarily through the lungs that you breathe in. The body also absorbs some air through the pores in the skin. 99% of the oxygen is bound to hemoglobin, which supplies oxygen to all parts of the body, and stimulates chemical reactions. Oxygen also rids the body of sediments and is essential for digestion and toxins of the human body.



In 1988, Professor Dr. A. Pakdaman discovered and developed the so-called Oral Oxygen Therapy (OOT) as an innovation in medicine with a very promising perspective and used it for the first time in clinical scientific medical practice. This therapy is based on the use of natural water with a high oxygen content. After drinking oxygen-enriched water, an increase in PO2 (partial oxygen tension) in the venous blood has been measured. When water is enriched with oxygen, you can find oxygen molecules between and in the middle of the hydrogen molecules, which are encased by a water membrane. The water membrane is cleaved in the body for several reasons, such as heat. By contact between oxygenated water and mitochondrial formations in the cell plasma (glands, intestines, kidneys, brain, heart, etc.), this water membrane is ruptured and then oxygen is released that helps keep all cells in balance. In other words, it is a natural source of energy for our body.

oxygen enhanced water..

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