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Oxygen reduces the frequency en  severity of migraine attacks 


Oxygen therapy is sometimes used as an attack therapy to suppress the symptoms of a headache attack. As soon as an attack occurs, pure oxygen is inhaled.

Oxygen therapy is also used as preventive treatment (prophylaxis): 
Patients who more often suffer  from attacks where the effects of an attack last for a long time experience that  with regular oxygen therapy, the frequency of the migraine attacks decreases and the _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_migraine symptoms are less severe.

How it works?   Much of how oxygen therapies work is unknown.

One theory, for example, is that cluster headaches are associated with an inflammatory response around the blood vessels, which can be reduced by oxygen. Research shows that when oxygen is used, fewer proteins are released from the blood vessels, as a result of the inflammatory response. Contrary to popular belief, medicinal oxygen is a scientifically based treatment, but not equally effective for every patient. 

About 120,000 people a year are diagnosed with migraine through their primary care physician. In addition, approximately 17,000 patients in the Netherlands have cluster headaches  (about 0.1 percent of the population) 

It is more common in men than in women. Cluster headaches are a relatively rare condition, so it can take years before the disease is recognized.


Migraines and cluster headaches have a major impact on daily functioning.

Not only work or education often suffer from the headache attacks, but also social life.

Cluster Period Attack

In cluster headaches, the attacks usually occur in clusters (episodes). This means that patients have alternating periods from weeks to months with many seizures and periods without seizures. These periods often fall during the same time of year. A small proportion of patients have the chronic form of cluster headache, in which they have several attacks every month (this can be very different from several attacks daily to a few attacks every month). Fortunately, the chronic form of cluster headache only occurs in fifteen percent of cluster headache patients, and is therefore very rare (still just under two thousand patients in the Netherlands).

Migraine is not an ordinary headache 

Migraine susceptibility often runs in families and is partly hereditary. Some things provoke attacks at fixed times. As a woman, you can often have an attack during your period. In addition to headaches, migraines can also cause other complaints. For example, you may be very nauseous and vomit, or be extra sensitive to stimuli such as sound, light and smell. You may have trouble seeing. Migraines are often a condition that goes unnoticed. A migraine patient withdraws because normal life is not sustainable for a while.

Treatment of cluster headaches and migraines

There are several ways to treat migraines and cluster headaches. The symptoms of migraine and cluster headaches can be suppressed reasonably well with medication, although this treatment does not work for everyone. The medication can be divided into two groups:

  • Seizure treatment:  If one suffers from attacks less than 2 times a month or if the effects of an attack last for a relatively short time, medicines are prescribed to combat the attack immediately. This medication is taken as soon as the attack starts. 

  • Preventive treatment (prophylaxis):    Do people have more frequent attacks or are the effects of an attack long-lasting or difficult to treat? In that case, people usually also receive preventive treatment. This means that one is prescribed medication to prevent or limit attacks in advance, or to make them less severe so that acute medication is more effective. This treatment can consist of already known medication or of newly developed medication such as anti-CGRP agents. These drugs target CGRP, a protein that plays an important role in seizures. This last class of resources is often only available in compassioniate user programs, in which the LUMC also participates, for example. This means that these medicines are not yet reimbursed and can only be prescribed in exceptional cases.

  • Scientific research   For example, the LUMC is currently conducting an international scientific study into occipital nerve stimulation as a treatment for cluster headaches. It is being investigated whether electrical stimulation of the occipital nerve helps against the chronic form of cluster headache that cannot be treated with medication. (source LUMC)

  • Medicinal oxygen therapy for cluster headaches   is an attack therapy that can suppress the symptoms of a cluster headache attack. As soon as one feels an attack coming on, one inhales pure oxygen. The sooner the patient does this, the better this treatment method works. Patients do not have to go to the hospital for this. People receive an oxygen bottle and a mouth cap at home to inhale the oxygen. 

  • High-flow oxygen inhalation through a non-rebreather mask during cluster headache attacks is generally recommended. Patients with frequent seizures and/or drug intolerance may prefer oxygen treatment. In conclusion, high-flow oxygen is recommended as a more effective treatment for cluster headaches that have few complications, but the choice of appropriate cases and oxygen flow rate or devices, as well as the correct time for oxygen inhalation, require more research in the future.

Is the EWOT high-flow oxygen therapy also an official treatment for migraines and cluster headaches? And has that been investigated? 

Natural anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy has been a valuable supportive treatment for 20 years. The effect of oxygen has not been specifically/double-blinded on headaches and migraines.  Many doctors are not even aware of the existence of natural oxygen therapy via EWOT. Because the oxygen is available free of charge through this method and can be used without a prescription, there is little commercial interest in it and the pharmaceutical industry does not invest in large-scale clinical studies.


If someone wants to find out whether a deluge of oxygen via EWOT affects the prevention, severity and frequency of, for example, migraine attacks, he has to try and experience it for himself.  But the logic, the medical science, the experiences of individual and professional/medical users   indicate the validity of such an approach for much longer. 

Weather Migraine ? 

Weer migraine? Probeer zuurstoftherapie EWOT, zuurstof verlicht pijn en doet de frequentie van aanvallen afnemen
Zuurstoftraining E.W.O.T Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

15 minutes EWOT oxygen training 

Happy EWOT users

Professor Maarten Fornerod

Maja Lievaart

Sports practice Keep Fit


 Unlimited 95% pure   breathing oxygen makes my_cc781905_bbc78-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_breathing oxygen does my_cc781905_bbc78-3194_bb5_cfb-3195_bad05_cf1905_cf-86-bad05_cf78-bad31 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_health has been good for years


If your sports performance improves when you are 70 years old, dat    is beautiful!


 With EWOT I am sometimes amazed at how people can recover from annoying (chronic) complaints

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